Shengmilo Mx21


Uploaded on Jun 24, 2022

We have men's fat tire electric mountain bikes & bicycles available for sale.



Shengmilo Mx21

Foshan Jinmai Trading Co.Ltd. About Services Portfolio Team Contact ABOUT US Shengmilo was born at the call of a group of cycling enthusiasts. Their strong desire for a better cycling experience brings them together as a group of cyclists of different ages, industries or backgrounds. Their shared love of cycling gradually shaped Shengmilo. Shengmilo has sales channels all over the world, exporting to more than 80 countries including North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Japan. Shengmilo is committed to creating a new generation of green technology travel lifestyle, leading the industry upgrading, and becoming a real leader in the e- bike industry. About Services Portfolio Team Contact SHENGMILO EBIKE Shengmilo uses high-strength 6061 lightweight 1000W ELECTRIC BIKE aluminum for the frame, giving the bike unmatched 48V durability. The easily removable battery is convenient for mobile charging, even if you are at home, at a hotel, or at school, you can remove the battery to charge. About Services Portfolio Team Contact SHENGMILO MX21 500 W Shengmilo MX21 combines the new battery technology with a 5000mAh single cell capacity— smaller size but larger diversity. Compared with 3500mAh cells made of nickel, cobalt, and manganese, this 614Wh battery efficiently improves the range, stability, and safety of Shengmilo bikes. 40-45 MILES 614 WH Per Charge Total Battery Capacity About Services Portfolio Team Contact THANK YOU! +8617620358622 [email protected]