Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai


Uploaded on Jan 23, 2023

Trust the leading Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai – Trucare Trust is here to help you recover from drug and alcohol addiction. If you are looking to get luxury treatment for drug addiction in Mumbai, stop looking further because our de-addiction rehabilitation guarantees to have the best Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in India. We have an elite residential alcohol and drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai. The professional staff of Trucare Trust has been providing its best care to patients with some outstanding principles. As dedicated as our team is, this makes Trucare one of the best drug rehabilitation centre and alcohol de-addiction rehabilitation centre in Mumbai. According to facility Trucare Trust is a Best drug rehabilitation centre in India that provides help to people who struggle with addictions related to substance abuse, alcohol, and drug abuse. We have a staff of professionals who will provide you with the best and the most advanced treatment techniques. Call us at 167943134 and get help now.



Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai

Alcohol - The Problem and Its Treatment Alcohol these days is such an intrinsic part of our daily lives. Families often share a bottle of wine at dinner, there are drinks at parties and public events, special occasions are celebrated with a champagne bottle, and usually, friends just get together to have a drink. But just when does this friendly social drinking cross the line? We have the best alcohol rehabilitation centre in Mumbai. If you frequently take to drinking just to relieve stress, if you constantly end up drinking more than you thought and if you are becoming increasingly dependent on alcohol just to feel better, you are heading towards alcohol addiction. Although alcohol is accepted in our society and even legal; if consumed beyond control, it can cause damage equally as bad as illicit drugs. It is therefore essential to check this habit before it slips out of control. Treatment for every addiction begins with an acknowledgment of the problem. One must accept that he/she has a drinking problem. A lot of willpower is required to get rid of an addiction. Once you admit that you need help, and are willing to get it, consult your doctor. You may need to join a rehabilitation centre if the problem is too severe. The first step of treatment is detoxification, which means flushing out the alcohol from the body. Appropriate medicines are administered to the patient, which helps in dealing with the withdrawal symptoms that come with abstinence from alcohol. Simply put, withdrawal symptoms are the reaction of the body to the absence of alcohol. As over-consumption of alcohol has made the body dependent on it, refraining from the use of alcohol results in symptoms such as craving, anxiety, severe trembling, excessive sweating, and depression. These symptoms must however be dealt with, and they will subside in due course. An adequate amount of help and support is required from family and friends at this time. Remember, detoxification does not treat the craving for alcohol, as addiction is a disease of the brain. This means that you must be strong enough to ward off such cravings. It may be required to be under constant supervision during the first few days or weeks of treatment. Once the alcohol has been cleansed out of the system, and the withdrawal symptoms are reduced considerably, effective counselling and psychological support come to play a very important role in treating the addiction from the brain. Group, as well as one on one sessions, are conducted. Group sessions lend support in making you feel that you are not alone in the fight. In such groups, you also discover the coping strategies adopted by other similar individuals and can find one that works for you too. During one on one sessions, counsellors try to reach out to the very cause that pushed you to addiction in the first place. Once you learn how to better cope with your problems, you won't need to turn to alcohol again. Alcohol addiction treatment isn't easy, and requires a lot of strength, will, and determination. But with the right medical help from rehab centres and ample love and support from family and loved ones, you can get rid of this problem and lead a healthy, happy life. we have the best rehabilitation centre in Mumbai. As there are many facilities to help and deal with such alcohol and drug-related issues in India, there are many top rehab centres in India where top-notch accommodation facilities are thus provided. Having the basic amenities of air-conditioned rooms and dormitories with the supply of hot water, veg and non-veg food menu, satellite TV, and the availability of indoor games, the rehab centres also have a 24/7 medical and support staff, with a panel of medical and psychiatric staff and also an experienced counseling team with top reputed therapists. One will also have the 24/7 availability of ambulances with clean and modern living areas which would indeed provide positive health being. Address: Trucare Trust – Mumbai, Survey No.7, Ashram Road, Yeoor Hills, Thane West, Thane, Maharashtra 400610, India. Contact Number: +91-9167006990