AI-Driven, True Autonomous Drones.


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AI-Driven, True Autonomous Drones.

AI-Driven, True Autonomous Drones What is an autonomous drone? • Autonomous drones are unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that operate using Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered navigation and operational software, and do not require a human pilot. Source: What they do? • From taking off and landing to carrying out aerial site inspections and surveying, these aircrafts complete tasks and make decisions on their own. Source: Are all autonomous drones the same? • Not all drones with autonomous capabilities are the same. It is one thing to automate a flight. • Yet much greater value is realized from automating the entire flight and data cycle preparation for flight, autonomous flight, data gathering, data upload and analysis, generation of insights, and preparation for the next flight. Source: On-site autonomous industrial drone • An on-site autonomous industrial drone system (drone-in-a-box) is an all-in-one autonomous drone solution with two main components: – The platform – AI-powered Source: What are autonomous industrial drones used for? • By removing the human error factor and the overhead of piloted drone systems, autonomous industrial drones are changing the way industrial and critical infrastructure sites conduct routine maintenance, oversee safe and secure operations, ensure business continuity after severe weather and other incidents, and maintain compliance. Source: Safer and more frequent equipment and site inspection • On-site autonomous industrial drone systems enable closer, more frequent and more accurate monitoring of large-scale sites or dangerous equipment. • For both incident response and ongoing maintenance, autonomous drones allow close-up visual and thermal observations – easily accessing what human teams can’t. Source: PERSISTENT AND CONSISTENT MONITORING • Autonomous drones collect visual data on critical site assets on a persistent and consistent basis. • With mass quantities of up-to-date data, trends and insights are gathered and failures are detected early on. Source: INFRASTRUCTURE INSPECTION • Minimize human risk with autonomous drone inspection of inaccessible areas like rooftops, pipelines, tanks, thermal structures and even high-altitude assets like antenna towers. Source: ANOMALY DETECTION • Machine vision automatically detects anomalies, leaks, fires, and more on site so you can take action right away, preventing potentially disastrous failures. Source: Faster emergency response • Delivering live aerial footage day and night, autonomous industrial drones enhance safety protocols and optimize emergency response and security. Source: