Artificial Intelligence changing the Future of Marketing Industry.


Uploaded on Jul 2, 2021

PPT on Artificial Intelligence changing the Future of Marketing Industry.

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Artificial Intelligence changing the Future of Marketing Industry.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE CHANGING THE FUTURE OF MARKETING INDUSTRY Introduction • AI refers to the simulation of human intelligence in machines. This wide-ranging branch of computer science is set to transform jobs in marketing - and the industry as a whole - in a lot of ways. Source: Business Growth • The number of businesses adopting artificial intelligence has grown by over 270% in the past four years, and the global AI market is set to reach $267 billion by the year 2027. Source: Automation • With AI-powered tools, marketers will be able to automate certain cognitive tasks. They will also be able to spot current trends, as well as predict them for the future, thereby helping to ensure the success of their marketing campaigns. Source: AI WILL CHANGE THE FUTURE OF MARKETING Content creation • AI has given rise to a brand-new field known as content intelligence, whereby AI tools offer data-driven insights and feedback to content creators. Source: Predictive analytics • AI will better equip marketers to determine future behavior so they can develop more effective marketing strategies or products. Source: Better advertisements • Artificial intelligence knows what the customers want, which means it can easily uncover trends and customer insights to enhance advertising efforts. • For instance, AI programs can write headlines, create ads, and push notifications using your marketing language and tone. Source: Product recommendations • Artificial intelligence will also help to improve product recommendations online. • With the right AI tools, marketers will have the ability to make timely and improved predictions on what products the customers will buy. Source: Better customer service • Chatbots make use of artificial intelligence in order to hold real-time conversations with users. This is a great way for brands to build credibility and boost engagement, and it’s yet another way AI will improve marketing, and customer loyalty, in the future. Source: THANK YOU