Energy Storing Bricks Technology Model.


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Energy Storing Bricks Technology Model.

Energy Storing Bricks Technology Model Introduction • New research conducted by a group of scientists from Washington University in St. Louis, on common red bricks, has revealed the potential of this inexpensive building material to store energy. Source: How it works? • Bricks have a porous structure that enables the storing process. Those pores are filled with an acid vapor which acts as a dissolved for the iron oxide (or rust) from which bricks are composed. Source: How it works cont. • A gas is transferred through the cavities of bricks which are filled with a sulfur-based material that reacts with iron. As a result, a conductive plastic, polymer PEDOT, surrounds the bricks' porous. Source: How it stores electricity? • In this work, a coating of the conducting polymer PEDOT is developed, which is comprised of nanofibers that penetrate the inner porous network of a brick; a polymer coating remains trapped in a brick and serves as an ion sponge that stores and conducts electricity. Source: Renewable energy • According to the scientific team, the proposed method could generate substantial amounts of renewable energy. • Researchers estimated that 50 capacitor bricks would take 13 minutes to charge and could provide enough energy to power the emergency lighting of a building for at least 50 minutes. Source: Waste material turned into a useful product • Researchers emphasize the fact that iron oxide, a waste material has been turned into a useful product that can be utilized in the process of generating renewable energy. Source: Provide emergency lighting • The research team claims that a brick wall supercapacitor can be charged several times within an hour. • According to the team, when 50 bricks are connected with solar panels, it can provide emergency lighting for five hours. Source: Other Research • Researchers at IBM Research have also announced a new battery that could help eliminate the use of heavy metals in battery production, and this could lead to a paradigm shift in the long-term sustainability of many elements in our energy ecosystem. Source: Future Goal • The team's future goals are to increase the capacity of the energy storage by, at least, 10 times and decrease the cost and time of producing the polymer-coated bricks. Source: THANK YOU