How PPT Sharing Websites helps in SEO.


Uploaded on Mar 4, 2020

PPT on How PPT Sharing Websites helps in SEO.

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How PPT Sharing Websites helps in SEO.

How PPT sharing website helps in SEO? Off-page SEO • Off-page SEO or off-site SEO is a kind of SEO that can be improved via actions taken external to your website. Off-page SEO helps in improving not only a website’s SEO ranking but also its popularity, trustworthiness, authority and relevance. Why is it important? • The way search engines rank websites and the algorithms they use continually change, as the rise of new technologies happens organically. Therefore, a particular process that was relevant last year may do more harm than good this year. PPT sharing benefits • A good Off-page SEO strategy is to link building and back-link creation, where PPT sharing websites are an advantage. Search engines like Google rely heavily on back-links to understand and gauge the quality of content on a webpage. PPT sharing • PPT sharing is essentially a traffic pulling tactic that helps in building traffic, which is a beneficial SEO strategy. PPTs are created and then shared with other websites or put online via PPT sharing websites like to attract more visitors to your website. Benefits • Enhanced visibility with respect to major search engines, improves the overall rate of conversion, PPT submissions tend to look more attractive than text-based websites and it brings in inbound traffic through backlinks. Other benefits • PPT sharing websites help you export slide decks from your PPT which can help drive traffic to your website, they help in increasing your Google rank as several PPT sharing websites have high-quality directories. Social media marketing • Being a part of social media marketing, benefit of PPT submission also includes presenting your products and services together with quality content and PPT can also be converted into a video and then uploaded into You Tube, which can help your products and services to be widely viewed. Effective marketing strategy • PPT submission is an effective online marketing tactic to attract targeted traffic, get quality inbound links and maximize your site's visibility in major search engines. PPT blends visually attractive and well organized presentations to print or display on screen as slide shows. Top PPT sharing websites • Some of the top PPT sharing websites are Share Presentation, LinkedIn SlideShare, Scribd etc.