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Cricket Cricket Contents  Cricket  Equipment  Rules  Skills  Overall Cricket Cricket is some of the most popular sport, which is commonly played and watched across the world. This sport is basically played with the help of a bat and a ball. The main motive of a player in this sport is to hit the ball and score more than the opposing team. Cricket is also the national sport of England and is mostly and commonly played there. Equipment Here, below I’ve mentioned some basic gears and equipment, which the player or a cricketer must have while playing or on the field:  Bat  Ball  Shoes  Cricket Attire.  Helmet  Gloves  Leg Pad Rules  Each game holds an inning, in which the two teams perform different tasks like bowling, batting, fielding, etc.  There must be 11 players in each team.  The match is win by the team, who scores more between both the teams.  The fielding team has to get down all the 10 batsmen of the opposing team, to get a chance to bat. Skills  A good concentration power is required.  A player must have perfect bowling and batting skills.  A player must have proper technique of holding and throwing the ball.  A perfect eye and hand co-ordination is must. Overall I hope you liked the brief description regarding cricket, as I’ve also mentioned some rules, equipment, and skills, which are required in this specific sport.