What is Water Soluble CBD


Uploaded on Aug 1, 2019

Do you really know what Water Soluble CBD is all about? Go through this PPT to find out more.



What is Water Soluble CBD

What is Water Soluble CBD? Water Soluble CBD contains mainly cannabidiol, which is not psychoactive and is very useful in the treating various ailments. Water soluble CBD is made using a process known as nanotechnology which broke down these compound into tiny particles. They are able to homogeneously incorporate into water. Types of Water Soluble CBD o Nanoemulsions o Microemulsions o Liposomes Nanoemulsions These can be mix with any beverage because of their small size, and are helpful in ingesting the CBD orally to enter immediately into bloodstream. Products falls in this category are Vape Pens, Topical balms, sprays, pills & tinctures. Microemulsions  Microemulsions make it easier for your body to metabolize ingested substances. Oil-in-water is expected to increase the solubility by dissolving compounds with low water solubility into an oil. They can also enhance oral bioavailability by reducing the droplet size (< 100 nm), and hence increase the rate of absorption due to surfactant-induced permeability changes. Liposomes  Liposomes are made from phospholipids which favor uptake into the intestinal lymphatic system bypassing the liver and ensuring maximum blood uptake of CBD. This type of CBD oil is consumed in very small amounts and also on an empty stomach. Visit our website for more info. wwwwww.r.reevvaaccbbdd.c.caa