facebook is down


Uploaded on Feb 3, 2021

Millions of people are using facebook because this is one of the best platform to connect with you friends and family. But sometimes facebook is down if you want to know how to check facebook is down status then you can watch my presentation. read more: https://onlinegeeks.net/is-facebook-down-today/

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facebook is down

Facebook is Down Introduction  Facebook is one of the most using social media platform. Day by Day traffic is increasing on Facebook. In today’s time facebook is down very normal issue. In this presentation we are providing the ways how to check if Facebook is Down. How to check Facebook is Down 1. Open your current browser and go to facebook platform status. 2. Check Twitter to check whether Facebook is down. Monitor the timestamp of each Tweet to check if others are announcing any issue with Facebook and its Services.  3. There are many third party available for Status Checker those who can help you to understand the current facebook server status. Finish  I hope this presentation is useful for you to understand to how to check facebook is down. If you wish a lot of solutions related with facebook is down issue then you'll visit our website to get all of your solutions. Thanks For watching Our Official Website: https ://onlinegeeks.net/is-facebook-down-today/