The most successful top school in Bangalore in 2022 ppt


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We are the Best International CBSE School in Bangalore with quality CBSE Education as we believe in education beyond classrooms

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The most successful top school in Bangalore in 2022 ppt

The most successful top school in Bangalore in 2022 HARVEST INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Harvest International School is one of the top schools in Bangalore and it was built on the belief of challenging the current educational system by providing children with a more innovative curriculum rather than following the traditional path of rote learning. HARVEST INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Harvest International School is a creative "unconventional" institution that has expanded the scope of education outside the four walls of a classroom, establishing a new framework in education. •They have a clear goal of helping students in interacting with a constantly changing world and unpredictability. Our school offers an original culture and idea in education, where learning is a way of life while keeping in mind the national and global context. •Students become "Lifelong Learners," they learn to adapt to global challenges and opportunities. WHAT IS THE SCHOOL CULTURE? Students are inspired to value and appreciate the differences among their classmates, teachers, families, and communities. • To emphasise the relationship between the current curriculum, subjects are thoroughly graded and adequately linked. • The material in the classroom is matched to the developmental requirements of children of all ages. DO THEY LOOK AFTER THE STUDENTS? •Harvest International looks after the students very well. •In the event of an emergency, Harvest International School has a well- equipped medical area with two certified nurses to give required first aid to kids. HARVEST INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL HAS A FEW KEY FEATURES Life Skills Programs are open to children. • Technology-advanced classrooms can be beneficial to students. • It's usually a good idea to form a team and work as a group. • Students are counselled on college selection and application procedures. • Bullying and discouraging students are strictly prohibited. They maintain a safe environment for their students. • They have both private and government-funded science labs. ATAL TINKERING LAB The Atal Tinkering Lab is a flagship initiative of India's Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), which aims to encourage high school students across the country to be creative. The scheme provides up to Rs. 20 lakh in grant- in-aid for the establishment of ATL to selected top schools in Bangalore. EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES The School offers a huge indoor sports stadium which houses basketball courts, tennis courts and other Activity centres, Music, Art and Dance studios. Children are also encouraged to participate in intra and inter-school competitions. SPORTS AND GAMES The School provides excellent facilities for sports and games that cater for indoor basketball, skating, tennis and a range of sports activities and that is why we call top schools in Bangalore. INDUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BANGALORE The Indus International School, one of the top schools in Bangalore and one of the best boarding schools in India, was formed in 2003 with only 135 students. Because of its lifelong learning and education, the school has risen to the top of the list of best schools in Bangalore, not only in India but also internationally. The school is IB and CIE accredited, and it now has 1200 students from 33 nations. This institution's students succeed in every subject, from academics to extracurricular activities. THE VALLEY SCHOOL BANGALORE Jiddu Krishnamurti, a philosopher, established the school in 1978. Every year, it accepts applications for classes I through XII and is associated with the ICSE. "Learning cannot happen when there is fear," Krishnamurti says. This has resulted in a more relaxed attitude in the classrooms, as well as a better understanding between students and teachers. The school's flora and beauty are well-known. To present, 215 bird species have been identified on campus. Students are taught how to interact with animals and are frequently taken on nature hikes. This school is also among the Top Schools in Bangalore MALLYA ADITI INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL BANGALORE Vijay Mallya, a billionaire and Member of Parliament at the time, was honoured with the top schools in Bangalore. The school was started in 1984 and is affiliated with numerous bodies of education. It is ranked among India's top 5 private day schools. Students in grades IX-X have the option of choosing between the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE), while students in grades XI-XII have the option of choosing between the Indian School Certificate (ISC) and the Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE). CONCLUSION These are the Top Schools in Bangalore and as per my observation, I recommend all the parents to make the best decision while taking admission for your child because that education for the child will be forever. So I recommend all top schools in Bangalore is Harvest international school as they take care of their own child. THANK YOU