10 Best Presentation Openers to engage the audience

Presentation Openers

Each presentation is a storyline or at least, it needs to be. It must have a unique start, mid, and final chapter. We’ll start at the beginning because this blog is about the nicest presentation openers.

To begin your presentation properly, you must connect with your viewers by creating a setting. Make it clear that you recognize their industry, and the existing climate, and provide a preview of what’s to come.

But how do you better connect with your viewers? It varies based on the story, but this article will provide detailed knowledge about the top ten best presentation openers.

The question opener

Starting with a question is a good way to get your viewers paying attention to your presentation topic, creating an interactive presentation

There should not be questions like “did you eat lunch?” The questions should grab the viewer’s attention to your presentation so that they can interact with it. Use obvious questions as well, but make them think about them for a few minutes.

Following are the types of questions that you could use as an opener:

Action question: tell the audience to do something for you, such as move their chairs or close their eyes, for instance, you can ask them to stand up for a moment.

Identity question: you can also include a few non-private questions about them, such as if they have nasty habits in discussions now and then.

Knowledge question: brainstorm about what the viewers should know like some life hacks, such as how to concentrate on something or focus on a goal.

Fear question: one of the best ways to get them to relax is to ask them a fearful question, such as, are we safe here? or are your parents now safe?

memory question: question them about their past such as the name of a famous character that you are pretty sure they know. For instance, Harry’s best friends in the harry potter series.

With the questions, you must encourage the viewers to think about how you want them to. So that they will help you give impressive presentations.

The statistic opener

Utilizing statistics as an opener could become an effective way to capture the audience’s attention and demonstrate the significance of your presentation topic.

The story opener

Storylines are an excellent presentation tool for engaging with your viewers and including them in the presentation. You can also tell another person’s story to demonstrate your value, or you can tell a consumer’s story to illustrate that you provide good services.

A good story can motivate, inspire, educate, start developments, and help us to broaden our horizons.

The quote opener

one of the most effective data presentation tools is starting your presentation with a quotation, this can be an excellent way to establish the tone and get your audience to start to think about your topic.

The analogy opener

Have you ever considered what you need to do when your suggestion is out of the box or when it is unfamiliar to your audience and they can easily understand what the point of your slide is?

Analogies are a significant way to explain complicated issues in a way that the viewers can comprehend.

The personal story opener

Sharing a personal story is an excellent way to engage your audience and pique their interest in your presentation topic. It also allows us to demonstrate our self-assurance and character.

The “What if?” opener

try to ask the viewers to imagine a completely new world is a wonderful way to get them to think about your presentation topic differently.

The “How to” opener

Beginning your presentation with a “how to” can be an excellent way to captivate the viewers’ attention and let them recognize that they are going to learn something new from your presentation.

The “Did you know?” opener

discussing intriguing facts and statistics is a good method to grab the interest of the audience and entice them to learn more about the topic of your presentation.

The “I have a dream” opener

This type of opener has the potential to influence the audience and get them to ponder the chosen topic of your presentation differently.


Using these openers, you can surely deliver the most engaging presentation. Once you’ve decided on one of these presentation openers, it’s a good idea to return to it at the end. This completes the storytelling loop and reinforces your take-home message. Finish that confession, finish that quote and captivate your viewers.

you can make your presentation memorable by starting it uniquely. After you’ve accomplished your goal and captured your audience’s attention, they will be eager to hear what else you have to say.

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