7 Awesome Fonts to Create a Winning Presentation

The design of a presentation is capable of holding the interest of the audience, but the text being an equally important part of the presentation, also need your attention, especially, when you want to share your presentation online. The fonts in a presentation are responsible for setting the tone of the presentation, and since not everyone is fond of reading, you need to use the fonts carefully.

The basic rule, for using the fonts in a presentation, is to maintain the consistency and not using more than two or three fonts in a single presentation. Another thing you need to take care of is, not every font is available on every machine, so to avoid distortion and change in the design of your presentation, “due to the fonts”, you need to use the fonts which are Windows-standard fonts.

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Since fonts play a vital role in the success of a presentation, we have compiled a list of a few classic fonts that are not only popular but has the capability to make your presentation an effective one:

1) Garamond: Garamond is a group of fonts and has got a 500 years old history. The font style belongs to the Roman, Italic and Greek cut type. It was founded by a Parisian engraver Claude Garamond in the 16th century. This font style includes many variations, and all are great versions to be used in a professional presentation. This beautiful font has been used in all the books of the Harry Potter series as well as to create the brand logos of companies like Rolex, Apple and Google.

2) Times New Roman: Times New Roman is a famous font type which was specially designed for the British newspaper, the Times of London, in 1929. Times New Roman is a serif font, and being a bold font, it is more readable. So this font type is a good choice for the heading and bigger text to be used in a presentation.

3) Helvetica: One of the most popular fonts, Helvetica is clean and gives that professional look to your presentation. The popularity of this font can be measured from the fact that it was used as a prime font in iPhone in 2013. This sans-serif typeface was developed by Swiss typeface designer Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffmann, in 1957. Companies like Behance, BMW, Lufthansa, Motorola, Nestlé, Skype, has used this font type for creating their commercial wordmarks.

4) Tahoma: Tahoma is another most popular sans-serif font used in presentations. This font was created by a Microsoft’s typographer Matthew Carter. It’s a thin weight font, with tight spacing, making it appear more professional. If you intend to share your presentation online, this font is best suitable for you, as this font was created especially to fit in different screen sizes. Microsoft had released this font to work with Office 97, Office 2000, and Office XP.

5) Georgia: Founded over 25 years ago, this font was created for Microsoft Corporation by Matthew Carter. The fonts are inspired by the Scott Romans and include the features of serif typefaces. These fonts offer wide space between the letters, and it’s bold is bolder than most bolds. The fonts also render high contrast between the different letterforms. This font is modern, but at the same time, it is classic, too.

6) Verdana: Verdana is another typeface created by Matthew Carter, again for Microsoft. The font was specially designed to work for the low-resolution screens. It has good readability, as the small letters of this font have been given a good height. The creators use this font to write the small size text on the slide of their presentations.

7) Palatino: This font was created to be printed on a poor quality paper, so it has got a robust structure. Hermann Zapf created this font in 1949, to be used for headings, advertisements and display printing. So when used in the presentations, this font type increases the legibility and is suitable for both headings as well as the other content on the presentation slides.

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