Benefits Of Embedding A Presentation In A Blog Post?

Most of us have had to make at least a few presentations in our professional lives. Whether it is a progress report presentation so that superiors know how far we have gotten with regards to our goals, or an informational one that talks about new products and services, presentations are an integral part of every professional’s life. They take some effort to make because you have to arrange for the right slides, verified information and even make a few visually appealing infographics to go along with it. Furthermore, you need to prepare for the oral presentation and work on your speech. So, if your presentations take up so much time and effort to create, wouldn’t you want to maximize the impact of those presentations? So, what’s the best way to ensure that your presentations reach as many people as possible? We all know that we need to make sure people share presentations online so that their visibility increases. But, how many of us are aware of the benefits of embedding presentations onto the company website or blog? Here’s a look at why we must share presentations online, and why embedding them onto blogs is such a good idea.

Why Embed PowerPoint Presentations onto Your WordPress?

  • Presentations help you share information in a more visually appealing manner.
  • Presentations help in conveying information and data more precisely and easily.
  • It helps you stand apart from other blogs which are mainly always textual.
  • It helps you communicate more effectively with your target audience.
  • Enables you to re-purpose the slides that you worked hard to create.
  • Does wonders for your on-page and off-page SEO as the slides contain keywords and phrases?
  • Improves document ranking as the keyword appears in the blog and presentation title.
  • Greatly improves the readability of your blog as it helps your web-page stay uncluttered.
  • This leads to better engagement and conversion rates.

How to Embed a Presentation on a Blog

Upload onto the Website: The easiest way to embed a presentation would be to upload the link for the presentation onto your website. Therefore, everyone who visits the web page is able to download the share the presentation online as and when required. However, the problem with this method is that it requires all visitors to have PowerPoint installed on their hardware, in order for them to view the file. Another issue is that not a lot of visitors will want to download a file just to view it once. To circumnavigate this issue, users can save their presentation as a PDF and then link the presentation to that, making it easier for them to view the file. But even then in some cases, viewers will have to download the PDF in order to view the presentation.

Utilize a Widget: One of the best ways to share presentations online is to make use of an external service or widget such as SharePresentation or SlideShare. All you need to do is upload your presentation to this third-party service and then embed a part of the code onto your website to be able to have visitors view your slides. Furthermore, you are given the option to set the level of privacy for your post making it easier for you to control who has access over your files. The biggest advantage here is that visitors can view the file in full-screen mode, and also comment or tag as per the functionalities you have made available. The problem here is that you have to rely on another web-space or cloud space, which might not be very ideal if your presentation contains sensitive information.

HTML: While you can embed the presentation as an HTML sub-page, this isn’t a great option as every single slide is extracted and then considered as a separate image during this process. Therefore, by the end of the embedding, you will have an entire folder full of images, which when viewed together becomes your presentation. Furthermore, it is always fully optimized for IE, and not so much for other browsers, making it difficult for everyone who uses any browser other than Internet Explorer.

Flash format: Another option available to users to export the PPT as an SWF or Flash format, which is a relatively quick and efficient process. There are several free-ware tools that allow you to carry out this conversion with ease, but the problem is that not every conversion is accurate. The accuracy of the process depends on the efficiency of the code, and hence you might have to try out different tools before you find one that satisfactorily converts your presentation into a Flash. Once you are done doing this, you just need to insert a few lines of code to embed this Flash video onto your website.

Now, since you know how much good embedding presentations onto your blog does, make use of presentation sharing websites like SharePresentation to do so. Not only will such presentations help you spice up your blog, but it will also a long way in improving your page’s SEO. As the process provides you with several benefits, don’t waste any more time, and instead head on over to SharePresentation to upload your presentation. Let us help you improve your website’s recognition and visibility, leading to better performance and success.

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