Effective presentation branding tips to reach your potential audience

When you are starting a new business, proper research regarding your audience base is very crucial. It is mandatory to learn the behavioral pattern of your potential audience towards a similar solution your company is offering in order to create some successful branding strategies. And, after you have built the potential customers portfolio your next job is to prepare branding tips on how to pitch your idea. Many companies lag in this phase due to poor pitching or marketing strength, but here are few tips that will help you build effective presentation branding.

How to make your presentation more effective?

A well-structured marketing presentation is very crucial especially when you are presenting your product at a conference, in front of potential investors, speaking at a networking event, etc.

So, next time you prepare your presentation follow these simple tips.

  • Know your target audience:

It may seem obvious and something that every company does. But, proper research doesn’t mean only collecting information about your audience but also analyzing the data and acting accordingly. For example, if you are targeting an engineer and at the same time you are targeting a CEO of a company, will your presentation be the same for both of them? This is a major mistake made by most companies, especially SaaS businesses these days. Due to this reason, you should know your target audience well in order to successfully approach them and present your product as a perfect solution to their pain points.

  • Your presentation is all about your audience:

When you are presenting your product, make it look like you did it solely to provide an effective solution for your audience. Try to connect more emphatically with them and talk about the numbers later. If you constantly talk about the features of your product, numbers, and statistics it will bore the audience after some time. So, you have to design your branding presentation in such a way that you will highlight the main idea of your product and explain to customers how it solves their daily problems. Understanding the needs of your target audience and mould your presentation accordingly.

  • Create an eye-catching message:

This is a very true fact that most of the audiences get attracted to your product by a catchy advertisement or a catchy tagline. Your product’s message should lure people at least to have a look at your product and what you are offering. If you at least get people to show interest in your product, this assures a huge leap in expanding to new customers. Make a slogan or graphical imagery that will make your company stand out from the competitors. But, you also need to make sure that the message is going with the domain of your product. If you find a catchy slogan but your potential audience can’t decipher the nature of your product from it then you are doing it wrong.

  • Create a journey roadmap:

When you are brainstorming content for your branding presentation, always make sure to put some successful stories of your existing customers. For example, share a story of someone who used to face similar problems and frustrations as your target audience and how your company’s product effectively solved their problems and helped them in their journey. Your target audience will be more interested in your product if they find someone to relate to, someone who shares the same pain points and got benefited from your product.

  • Be good at storytelling:

If you are a new startup, you should nail it in your mind that your target audience will respond to empathy and a touching story. If you are sharing your company’s story with them, try to relate to their journey in every step. Make it sound like both you and your customers are on the same page and both parties have struggled in their lives. You need to understand the psychology of your target audience in order to get to them. Great convincing power can be channeled through your presentation if your storytelling game is on point.

  • Pictures speak louder than words:

A brilliant presentation should be visually impactful. A picture says a thousand words if you can pick the right one. You don’t have to write everything down on your presentation slides. You simply put a picture that will awe the audience and it is then your job to describe the picture with the art of storytelling. Steve Jobs is one of the best presenters across the globe and according to him creating powerful images has more impact on your audience. Because a human mind retains better information if it is in the form of a visual message.

  • Right design principles:

In order to create a better branding presentation, you have to understand color psychology. Colors have a huge emotional impact on us and hence it plays an important role in changing the decisions of your target audience. Apart from colors, font choice is also very crucial. To get better at the design principles, you can have a look at the blog posts by Shane P Williams (UI and UX Designer).

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