How to Get Your Business Presentation Featured on SharePresentation

Document sharing is the most useful asset for the marketers, which provides 5 times more traffic to their businesses as compared to any other social media platform. SharePresentation is one such document-sharing website which is helping people with their marketing needs. It is an effective platform, upon which you can showcase your business presentations for free. And, if your presentation gets featured on SharePresentation, it will be a bonus for your business.

Since there are countless businesses that are active on SharePresentation and upload numerous presentations on it every day, getting featured on SharePresentation is a bit daunting task. In fact, there are high chances that your presentation gets moved to second third page easily, only after a few hours of its upload.

Get Featured on SharePresentation

There is no perfect formula to get your presentation to the featured page of SharePresentation, but if we believe other uploaders, it is not impossible either. So here are some tips that you can follow to boost the chances of your presentation to get featured on SharePresentation:

Master the Topic of the Presentation: Before building a presentation, you must decide a trending theme for your presentation or a topic that you are the best at. But in case of a business presentation, you are already given with the topic, so you need to master it before you start preparing the presentation. Simply research about the subject well, and then, start creating effective content for your presentation.

The Presentation must be Audience-oriented: The main objective of a business presentation is to reach the right audience, and that can’t be done with irrelevant content. The presentation must be audience oriented and must be able to answer almost every question of the audience related to the theme of your presentation.

Title of the Presentation: Choose a title for your presentation that describes the objectives that the presentation will be meeting by the end of it. The title must be attractive enough to interest to the right audience.

First Slide of the Presentation: There is a phrase ‘do not judge a book by its cover’, but for a presentation, it is only the cover that decides the success of a presentation. Since it is the only thing that is visible at first, it deserves as much focus as the whole presentation does. To sell your whole presentation, first, you need to sell the cover of the presentation. So try to be more creative while designing the first slide of your presentation.

Create a Compelling Structure: The structure of your presentation is also one thing that matters the most. You cannot put the front page at the end, and the middle part of the presentation in the front. You need to design your presentation in a way that the information flows from the origin of the problem and towards fulfilling the objectives of the presentation. So try to arrange the flow of information in a way that you create a compelling structure for the presentation.

The Content of the Presentation: As content is the king, try to stick to the very topic throughout the presentation and do not stuff the presentation with irrelevant content. Try to use more of factual examples in the presentation rather having imaginary ones. You can put a single point per slide to make the presentation neater. Try to avoid bullets and include more visual and graphics in the presentation.

Lesser Text More Visuals: Let visuals be the focus of your presentations. Many of the uploaders, who have got their presentations featured on SharePresentation, also emphasise on this very thing. A presentation full of visual and lesser text is more appealing than the ones filled with elaborated text and bullet points. The visuals can better amplify the message of your presentation than the text.

Design & Template: An awesome design not only is able to get more traffic to your presentation but also helps your idea to stand out and read effectively. Today, it is quite easy to build an attractive design, and there are thousands of templates that are available online which you can use in your presentation. So choose a design for your presentation that also reflects the aim of your presentation. For business presentations, try to choose more professional designs or templates.

Getting featured on SharePresentation can help you get that extra traffic which is the most valuable for your business, too. So try to follow the given tips so that you can also make your way to the featured page of SharePresentation.

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