Graphic Design Trends for 2021.

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Graphic design has always evolved with the era we are living in. The regal colors, patterns, and constant experimentation of the graphic designers are what make this job very creative and unique. It was only a few years ago when the graphic designers created their work on the basis of advances in tech or a promising future based on science because that was a trending topic. Well, even today the future of science is highly debatable, but in 2021 graphic designers are putting people first. Graphic design has always been about showing people the truth, facts, and everything going around us by turning it into some classic symbolism and adding a dash of creativity to it. So, let’s have a look at what the graphic designers are up to in 2021.

Trending ideas for graphic designing

The term graphic design has evolved as many new disciplines of designing like UX/UI have come up with time. For example, when neither the internet nor computers were invented, people didn’t think that they could use software like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop in a machine that would reach out to millions of people. Graphic designing in its true authentic form means making designs for posters, magazine covers, logo design, creating advertisements, etc. With time all that has changed is the idea of representation (symbolism) and tools of designing (from pen-paper to software).

So, today, we are going to talk about trending ideas for 2021 and then you can create your own designs using any tool you want. In graphic designing, the representation of your idea is most important, and if it is sending an effective message to your audience.

1. Symbolism

Graphic designers use classic ancient symbols in their designs that resonate with the goal of a particular brand or message they are trying to convey. These ancient symbols have universal meanings and thus they tend to create a more powerful impact on people. For example, we see thousands of brands promoting themselves every day and often we tend to spot some known symbols which convey a specific meaning. Some of these classic symbols are the oriental dragon (symbol of authority), venus (Roman goddess), etc.

2. Inspiration from nature

One of the most trending patterns or illustrations nowadays is inspired by nature. We have witnessed how the number of designers or content creators has increased especially during the lockdown. These new designers tend to get inspired from a homely environment and those leafy monstera plants can be spotted as a current graphic designing trend. Apart from this, another very important and justifiable reason to get inspired by nature is sustainability. Many existing companies and also the new ones are manufacturing eco-friendly products and they want it to reflect in their packaging. Elements of nature tend to send a much louder message on behalf of a sustainable product.

3. Pop Art Culture

Remember, how we used to devour ourselves to reading comic books in our childhood? Some things just never get old and the vintage comic books styles are one of them. In this period of pandemics, we have seen many designers making illustrations of doctors and healthcare professionals by putting them in superheroes’ capes like batman or superman. This shows how the themes of comics with brighter colors and heavy inking bring back memories of a specific era with modern-day designs.

4. Grain illustrations

If you follow the trends in social media, everyone, designers or not, is hyping over grainy and blurry images. The grainy filters are setting a whole new mood and if you are a designer feel free to try it out. It doesn’t matter if you are designing only alphanumeric elements or a vector, the grainy illustrations with solid colors or bright gradients tend to catch the eye of the public.

5. Retrofuturism

Imagination plays a crucial role in the concept of retro-futurism. You can take inspiration from a character from the past and design it in your way of how it would look in a parallel universe or 100 years from now. Retrofuturism plays a great deal when designing women characters from the past and styling them in a more optimistic and powerful look.

6. Social message

Breaking out of an orthodox society, we are fighting the stereotypical demons for a long time. What would have been a superstition or a myth a few centuries ago, we are allowed to discuss it freely now. For example, talking about a person’s sexual orientation or the importance of mental well-being is something people didn’t give much importance to in the past. But our current generation is being vocal about topics that used to be taboo and this is something designers should think about to spread a strong and powerful message.

7. Psychedelia

Psychedelic art has developed on the basis of extremely creative imagination and the freedom to explore every corner of your mind. The concept of psychedelic art and music came up during the 1960s but even today people are hyping about it. You can experiment with psychedelic illustrations because there are no certain ground rules and it’s all about blowing the mind of a spectator.


There is no limitation to thinking and creating when it comes to art. Like I mentioned earlier, the tools of a designer have evolved with time, but not the basic concepts and rules of how to design. Every designer is unique and is capable of producing uncommon and incomparable images because of their different thought process. Once you start designing, you will understand that it is easier to learn the basics of designing, which actually makes an impact is a great idea. Once you get to know how to do graphic designing then you can share and upload presentations on our online platform sharepresentation.

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