A Guide to Create Effective and Informative Infographics

Infographics are one of the greatest means of marketing, and also, are the best for effectively spreading information on a certain topic. The infographics are the informational graphics, that explain the major things about a certain topic using graphics, charts, images, and text. These are the factual visuals, wrapped up in awesome engaging designs, that help people to understand more of a matter with minimal efforts.

Using an infographic you can market your product/services, or create infographics to use inside presentations or blogs to make them more interesting and appealing. The infographics are the best for engaging the people, who are not much into reading. Even in the blogs and the presentations, infographics can do most of the work of explaining.

Creating an infographic that serves its purpose can be a demanding job, but with the following tips the task can be done with more ease:

Know the Audience: While creating an infographic, first try to set the objectives and try to learn more about the target audience, specifically, their needs. Since the purpose of the infographic is to market the services/products, you must be aware of what type of audience you are trying to reach. Keeping the audience and their requirements in minds will help you in every step of creating the infographic.

creating infographic

Keep it Simple: A short, specific, and significant design make the information more easily understandable. Make the infographic comprehensive and choose a simple colour scheme. You need to stick to a similar style, for all including the image and the graphics, you use in the infographic. To give rest to the eyes of the reader, you need to use proper white spaces in-between and set the alignments accordingly. Try to limit your fonts to three or four font style.

Focus on the Flow: An infographic is designed to provide the right information in minimal efforts. So the reader should not struggle with finding the start and the end of the infographic. It has to have the right flow of information like a story. You can also use leading lines to show the flow of the information in the infographic.

Catchy Captions: An infographic is created by making a good balance between both the text and the visuals. It is preferred to have limited text in an infographic, but for the headlines or the highlights, you have to write some catchy and shareworthy captions. This helps people to easily receive important information and keep them engaged.

Statistics, Facts & Figures: Adding factual data to the infographic which is current, correct and reliable, encourages more audience engagement. To authenticate the facts and data in the infographics, you must provide sources like the links of the websites from where you have got all the data, under the infographic.

Show Things Visually: The beauty of creating infographics is that you can mix the texts and facts with visuals and create interesting informative graphics. Instead of using lengthy texts, try to use more visual content which is able to comprehend the message better. Also, since the capability of humans to understand the visuals is 90 per cent more than that of the text, the use of more visuals in the infographics is always helpful in conveying the message to the audience.

Size & Dimension of Infographic: Usually, the size of an infographic is big. But since there are different platforms, where you can use them, you need to set the size and the dimension of the infographics accordingly. e.g. if you want to upload the infographic alone to a document sharing website or embed it in a blog, a longer infographic will work. But if you want to insert the infographic in a presentation, both the dimensions and the size of the infographic gets changed.

Optimize the Infographic for Sharing & Branding: Since you want your infographic to reach more and more people, you need to make it shareable, i.e., whoever engages with the infographic has to like it and be convinced to share it further. Also, you must include your website URL, Logo, the tagline and the links to your social media handles so that the audience can reach you easily for their queries.

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