How to Get More Traffic to Your Presentation on SharePresentation

Though there are thousands of visitors that may visit your presentation on an online presentation sharing website, what about those, who are not much active on those websites? To get more viewers to your presentation, you cannot rely on a single source but must apply other different techniques, to get the required organic traffic on it. One of the most effective methods, to gain more visitors for your presentation, is by promoting the presentation on the various social media platforms. The major social media platforms that may help you boost the number of daily visitors on your presentation are:


Twitter: Twitter, the most popular social media platform, with millions of people using it all around the world, can be the best place where you can share your presentation and seize more visitors to it. With relevant hashtags, you can approach the people from various professional fields, especially the presentation community, including the speakers and the presentation creators, etc. SharePresentation provides you with the share button for Twitter, from where you can directly connect to your twitter account and share the presentation on it, or you can simply paste the short URL of your presentation in the tweet box of the website.

Facebook: There might be only a few rare people who are not using Facebook. But most of the companies are using this platform to promote there businesses and products, earning loads of benefits from it. SharePresentation also lets you reach out to more people, by sharing your presentations with the help of the Facebook button given under the presentation, through which you can share it on your Facebook Profile. You can also post the short link of your presentation directly on your personal Facebook page, on your business page, on the various FB groups or on the other promotional FB pages, along with a relevant infographic.

Instagram: Instagram started its journey as a photo sharing website, but in the last few years, it has evolved as one of the major marketplaces for various industries. People are not only sharing their pictures on it, but they are also sharing their business content and are selling their products and services on it. Instagram can be a bigger influence for your presentation traffic, as sharing the link of your presentation on your Instagram profile, can lead to more visitors to your presentation.

Email: Email marketing has been around for a long time now, and it is one of the most used social media marketing techniques as well. SharePresentation provides the facility to share your presentation via email, for that it has given a share via email option situated along with the other social media platforms. You can easily send the link of your presentation to more people, through the email.

Google+: SharePresentation has also included Google+ in its ‘share on the social media’ list, from where you can share the presentation directly on Google+. Or you can add the short URL of the presentation in your Google+ post, and share it with the Google+ users as well as the various communities on the platform.

What’s App: What’s App is one of the most used chat apps, having 1 Billion active users across the world. It has more users than any other social media platform due to the ease it provides for sharing the different type of media files, to its users. You can also use the platform to share the short URL with your Whatsapp contacts and Whats App groups, to promote the presentation and get more visitors to it.

As the marketing strategies are changing with the evolution of the technology, you also need to match your pace with it, in order to stay ahead of your competitors. Adopting the major social media platforms for the promotion of your presentation is one of the most potential steps, you can take to reach out to more people around the world.

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