How to Broadcast a PowerPoint Presentation Online?

PresentationThe ability to share PowerPoint online began with the Broadcast feature, in the Office 2010, and since then the process has only gotten simpler. The Office 2016 brought with it several new features which made the process faster and simpler. Being able to upload and share presentations online is important nowadays due to the growth in remote working. With so many people opting to work from their homes, being able to communicate effectively is very important. That’s where broadcasting comes into the picture, by making it easier than ever before to share PowerPoint online. This allows you to put together a quick webinar or conference with ease. Still unsure on how to upload and share presentations online? Here’s a look at how to broadcast PowerPoint presentations online?

Broadcasting Presentations

Once upon a time, it was too expensive to broadcast presentations for individual presenters and small businesses because it required expensive equipment and specialists. However, those days are behind us, and today’s technology makes the entire process easy and inexpensive. Broadcast allows you to get a conference together without any installation or registration. Moreover, the people attending don’t even need to have PowerPoint on their computer. All they need is a browser, and they are good to go! Here’s how to broadcast and share PowerPoint online via PowerPoint 2016.

  • First and foremost, open the PowerPoint presentation you want to share online.

  • From Ribbon, go to Slide Show tab and then click Present Online.

  • Next, from within the drop-down menu, choose Office Presentation Service.

  • In case you own a Pro or Business version, you can also use Skype to broadcast your presentation.

  • Once you do this, a message comes up asking you to connect to the Presentation Service.

  • If need be, you can check the box that allows viewers to download the presentation which you have uploaded.

  • Wait for a minute as the system prepares your presentation and connects to the Service. While this does not take too long, the exact amount depends on your connection speed and also the size of your presentation.

  • Once things are in place, you will receive a link to your presentation. This link can now be sent to the potential attendees via email, messenger, or social media.

  • Once you send the link, all your viewers have to do is click on it to become a part of your broadcast.
  • They will now be able to follow along as you present your case, and go through your slides.
  • Furthermore, to help your viewers stay focused, you can use tools such as a laser pointer, a pen or even highlight your slides so as to grab attention.


Presentain serves as a web application specifically designed to help people broadcast their Live presentations. It comes with added options such as conducting polls and recording the voice over of your presentation. All you need to do is upload either a PDF or PowerPoint onto the app. You can then broadcast your slides to an audience via either a URL or a QR Code. Furthermore, the audience can ask for contact information, making it a great lead generation application. Also, by allowing you to conduct polls, the software helps you gather feedback and audience response immediately, making the presentation more engaging.

Google Hangouts

Another way to upload and share presentations is via the underrated
Google Hangouts. The video call feature comes with a screen sharing option which presenters can use to share their presentation. This enables them to share their screen or even share just a window on their screen with multiple users. All you need to do is go to Google Hangouts, start a screen sharing session and invite participants. Once all the participants come online you can start the presentation, and everyone will be able to follow you as you go through the slides.

While using a desktop, this option comes under the three dots on the top right corner. It comes in different modes, including full screen and multiple window options. However, it is best to choose the full-screen option so that your PowerPoint file remains legible and clear. Also, sharing via windows makes it harder for your audience to stay focused as the rest of the screen will distract them.


Another popular option to broadcast your presentations is via Skype messenger. While the Business class version comes with added features, you can use the free-ware version to broadcast a presentation to a maximum of 10 people. All you need to do is go to the Main menu, start a video call or conference call and tap on the + and choose the screen sharing option. As with Google Hangouts, you have two options when it comes to sharing your screen- full-screen and multiple windows. Since Skype is a software based on video calling, it is easier to connect with your audience via Skype as it supports various devices and their formats.

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