How to convert a Blog Post into a Presentation?

Blog Post into a Presentation

There are so many different methods of content marketing. It becomes really difficult to find the right and best method. Here, I am going to tell you about a really strong method of content delivery that can attract more traffic. The method I am talking about is using slides as it helps you double or triple your level of traffic virtually with only half the effort. In addition to this, it assists you in attracting a focused and engaged audience which likely promotes your content.

A great place to start converting your blog posts into presentations is using SlideShare. It is one of the top 100 highly-visited websites in the world. Plus, it is user-friendly, offers a lot of benefits, and increases content awareness by attracting more traffic. This platform enables the user to upload and share their slide decks, which include PowerPoint, PDF, Keynote, or OpenDocument.

Benefits of SlideShare

Here are some of the reasons why SlideShare is highly preferred:

  • It yields targeted leads.
  • There are 70 million plus visitors on this platform.
  • It has remarkable search engine optimization with a page authority of 79 and a domain authority of 95.
  • It consists of content from the world’s dominant leaders on a particular subject matter.
  • Over 4,00,000 presentations are uploaded to SlideShare every month.
  • It also allows the user to use text content, videos, and infographics and has a larger effectiveness rate compared to white papers.

Steps to convert the blog post to a presentation

Here is a detailed description of the six-stepped process to convert a blog post into a presentation.

  • Determine if your content needs any updates

It is better to initiate the process by taking a closer look at the content and checking if it can use more than a visual improvement. For instance, if there is a blog post containing the data from a source that is more than two years old then it is a better practice to do a google search and make changes in your data or by replacing your outdated data with the new one.

  • Make Use of Google Slides or PowerPoint to make your Deck

When you have confirmed that your content or data is up to date then the next step is to create a new file in Google Slides or PowerPoint. You can also create a master template that you can easily extract from all future SlideShares to make your production even faster.

  • Write your Content

The great thing about repurposing a blog post into a presentation is that it enables the post to become even more comprehensible. Here are some things that make great standalone slides.

Interesting statistics

You can include engaging and correct statistics to make your content attractive to readers.

Quotes from authoritative individuals

The audience prefers to hear from experts, so it is better to include a quote from a leading figure from that industry that could make an impact on the audience.

Actionable how-to’s

Mentioning a short tip or advice at the end of every point can make your content more readable.

  • Add Captivating Visuals

Another thing to remember while making your slides is to make the deck visually captivating. When you have created the copy for each slide, it is good to emphasize primary points using unique graphics.

  • Include External Links

Another advantage of using SlideShare is that it enables the user to include external links, and one of the most efficient ways to incorporate links is through CTAs which would direct the audience to a more elaborated version of SlideShare. Key point is to make sure that the user understands that the line is a hyperlink or it is clickable.

  • Export the Presentation as a PDF and load it into SlideShare

Once you have completed the presentation, export your slides in the form of a PDF. When you go to SlideShare and tap on the “upload” button in the top right corner. You are directed to upload a file from your computer.

Once you have added the presentation, make sure to fill in the title and description, which should be interesting and contains relevant keywords.

Also, add 10-20 keywords as tags along with making your deck public in the privacy settings. This step helps in increasing your Discoverability score and increasing site traffic.


Repurposing or making a blog post into the presentation as a SlideShare deck is a great way to make your boring content into something new and exciting to read and once you have done it a few times, you will find how easy this whole process is and how greatly it benefits you by increasing the traffic, leads and also the brand awareness.

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