How to merge multiple presentations into one?

merge multiple presentations into one

PowerPoint presentations are common in many fields of work, and it is quite often necessary to merge slides and files. There are several approaches you can take if you need to use slides from two or more PowerPoint presentations for a school assignment or an office presentation. Individual slides can be inserted, entire presentations can be imported, or two presentations can be merged.

In this article, we’ll go through everything you need to know about merging PowerPoint files.

Reuse PowerPoint Slides
Reusing slides is the simplest way to incorporate slides from one presentation into another. You can control what slides you add and where you insert them using this method.
Here, we have explained the detailed process of how the reuse slides method works.
• Start PowerPoint, then open the document to which you want to add slides.

• Identify the area where you want to add a slide or slides. Then, tap between the two existing slides.

• Select the Insert option from the Main Menu.

• Then, on the left side of the menu, click the New Slide icon.

• Then choose Reuse Slides to open the Reuse Slides dialogue box.

• Tap on the Browse button. If you check the box next to Keep source formatting, the newly inserted slides will retain their original presentation formatting. When you uncheck the box, their formatting will be changed to match that of the main presentation.

• Insert your slide here. Browse the presentations and tap on the one from which you want to add the slides, then click Open.

• The thumbnails of the available slides will be displayed. Browse and select the ones you want to include in your main document. You can import all slides from the external presentation by clicking Insert All Slides.

• When selecting the slides to insert, select the Apply Theme to All Slides option to replace the theme of your main presentation with the theme of the external presentation.

Use Insert Object to Merge PowerPoint Files
If you want to insert all slides from an external presentation while keeping the animations and transitions between them, the insert object method is your best bet.
Keep in mind that once the slides are inserted into your new presentation, they will no longer be linked to the original file. As a result, any changes you make to the original file will not affect the slides you include in your main presentation. If you change the slides in your main presentation, the external file from which those slides were copied will remain unchanged.
Now that we’ve succeeded in getting that out of the way, let’s look at how the insert object method works.

• Start PowerPoint and open the main presentation.

• Add a new slide. Delete the text boxes because they should be empty.

• In the Main Menu, select the Insert tab.

• tap on the Object icon.

• The Insert Object dialogue box will appear. Choose the Create from file option there. Enter the document’s address into the text box and press Enter or click the Browse button.

• Double-click on the external presentation that you want to insert into your main one.

• Following that, you will only see the first slide of the imported presentation. The remaining slides are below, though you can’t see them right now.

• To avoid changes in the size of the slides once the presentation is played, stretch the inserted object to fit the size of the slide of your main presentation.

Merge PowerPoint Documents
Finally, you have the option of merging multiple PowerPoint presentations into one. This is how the method works.

• Launch PowerPoint and navigate to the main presentation.

• Select the Review option from the Main Menu.

• Tap on the Compare button, which is located in the Compare section.

• Select the presentation you want to merge with your main presentation by double-clicking on it.

• When the merging is finished, the Revisions pane will appear to the right of the merged presentations.

• You can see the differences between the presentations in the Presentation Changes section and choose which changes to keep and which to discard.

• The Slide Changes section shows the differences between the two presentations’ slides. Select the options you want to keep in the final version.

Drag and Drop PowerPoint Slides
A drag-and-drop method is one of the simplest ways to combine two presentations. If you have two separate presentations that you want to merge into one, or if you are working on a group project, you can use this function to do so.
Open both presentations on your PC, and ensure that the PowerPoint program is minimized so that you can see both at the same time.
Long-press the slide you want to move and drag it to its new location with your mouse. You may need to do this for each slide; thankfully, you can also select all of them by clicking on the first slide, holding down the Shift key, and then tapping on the last slide.
The slide’s location will be highlighted with a red line.
To make things even easier, your final presentation will be updated to match the design of the receiving document. Of course, you can always use the Design function at the top of your presentation to update the overall design of the document.

The techniques described in this article will assist you in taking your PowerPoint skills to the next level. In a matter of minutes, you’ll be able to combine and merge your presentations like a professional. You can better spend your time now that you know these PowerPoint tricks.

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