Ideas To Engage Your Target Audience With Presentation

Presenting and public-speaking is an art to explain some act or idea effectively to the audience. In the past it was done using billboards, flyers, simply talking and gesturing, but today it involves much more factors. People today use computers, video projectors, 3D animations, and other specialized computer programs in order to effectively present important issues.

Two things are essential for better engagement of target audience during every presentation: the creation of a presentation itself and the way it is presented to selected people. Today, either you can present face to face or send your presentation via email or via presentation sharing websites. Whatever method you use to present, following points would help you leave your impact on audience.

Presentation ideas

Make a Logical Whole
Just like every other story, the presentation must have a certain layout. Pay attention to three significant components: the introduction, the main part or so-called body (it should be the longest and the most detailed part) and the conclusion. Start slowly, cover most important things in the middle and always point briefly but strongly.

Choose a Good Ratio between Pictures, Videos, and Texts
It is well known scientific fact that the human brain better remembers and reacts to the visuals rather than written material. So create a quality presentation with relevant graphics. Make sure not to overdo  the pictures and other visual content. Balance text content together with images, and videos.

Separate Reading from Listening
When you are presenting live, don’t force people to constantly read texts from your prepared slides and listen to you at the same time, as this can negatively affect their concentration. Briefly note only the most important things on the slides, then give them more detailed attention in your speech.

Make Stories from Real Life
Stories helps humans to be attentive and remember things. The presentations generally contain a lot of data, information, names, numbers, and therefore they are often found very difficult to understand or remember. You can always revive them, whatever the topic is, by using examples from real life, personal story, comparisons, quotes from well-known people, or even famous proverbs.

Audio Narration or Music
When you are presenting  face to face be natural, use your voice as an ally, have eye contacts and always smile but never too loud, invading and false. And, yes, of course, you can make a surprise, in the form of some provocative statement or a humorous question just to break the monotony, relax both of parts and create a pleasant and engaging atmosphere.

If you’re sharing or presenting via presentation sharing websites, use audio narrations or background music only when it is absolute necessary.

Font, Length and Duration
Well known presentation professionals suggest that ideal font size of text should be more than 30 points, should contain around 10-12 slides and should not last more than 20-25 minutes.


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