Presentation Trends to Follow in 2019

Presentations are the oldest and most effective way of communication. From educating a class of students to presenting your idea in front of leaders of the industry, it has been helping every person from various industries in different ways.

Last year we saw people using various new elements in their presentations, making them more impactful. They were using personalized stories in the presentation, were using AR-VR, and many other new things. But this year will be a bit old school for the presentations, and we will see presentations embracing the old but effective elements to create beautiful presentations. A few of them are listed below:

1) Embedded Fonts: You might have faced problems with fonts several times like when you created a presentation using a set of fonts, the same fonts got changed when the presentation opened on the other system. Sometimes the fonts are not even readable. This has been the biggest problem for almost everyone, as not all fonts are always installed on every other computer system. But many of you are not aware that various software, including PowerPoint, has always offered the best solution to overcome this problem with the help of embedded fonts.

This feature offers you to embed or save the fonts in your presentation. By embedding the fonts into the presentation, the fonts behave in the same way, even if the presentation is played on different machines. So, as the awareness about the embedded fonts is increasing among the people, in 2019, people will be using this feature more.


2) Use of Infographics: An infographic is the visual representation of data or information that comprehends it into a more understandable way. The infographics are like icons but contain some data that makes complex information more explicit for the audience. The infographics are also, slowly, replacing charts in presentations, as these can represent figures and other data, in a more competent way. Although these have been there for quite some time, since we saw that there was an increase in the usage of them in 2018, we expect them to be more popular in 2019, as these are helpful in representing information quickly, precisely and clearly.

3) Custom Layouts & Illustrations: Most of the presentations offer a variety of features that help users to create various shapes and illustrations. These custom illustrations help the users to create personalised graphics for the presentation, which, obviously, are more impactful. Also creating those illustrations and layouts are easier with PowerPoint, and without actually taking the help of a professional designer. As visuals play an important role in presentations, people are becoming more aware of the power of custom layouts and illustrations. So we may see those custom layouts and illustrations being used more regularly in the presentations in the year 2019.

4) 3D and Animated Elements: Today, the presentation development software are offering many features that enable the creators to add 3D transitions to their presentations. Not only the professional presentation creators are using those features to their presentations, but others are also using those elements to create stunning presentations. You can animate the images, infographics, shapes, tables, SmartArt graphics, and other objects in your presentation, making them visual rich and more engaging. Due to the effectiveness of the 3D effects and animations, in 2019, people will be seen using more of these elements in their presentations.

5) Flat Presentation: Today, the internet is not only available for computer users, but it is also available for use on different other devices, like laptops and smartphones. So the need for a simple but powerful design for a presentation has arisen, such that the design remains intact even if the presentation is played over any platform. Also, a simple design can appeal to every type of person as all people are not into dramatic looking designs. The flat designs of presentations are simple yet modern. So in 2019, we expect many people going with those old flat designs for their presentations.

6) Gradients & Color Transitions: The gradients have been there for many years. But for the past few years, it was a bit lesser used in the presentations. But Gradients have made a comeback, in 2019, and presentation creators are using them in a more modern way. Gradients not only make your images on the slides pop out but also make beautiful separator for the sections on the slide. So, now the people are more attracted to the simplicity of those gradients.

In 2018, we already saw people using gradients and colour transitions in the slides of their presentations. In 2019, there will be an increase in the usage of this property as it is really helpful in making presentation beautiful and stand out.

The mentioned upcoming trends have been quite common in the past, but as the fashion repeats itself in every few years, those presentations trends have also been repeated in the year 2019, but in a more polished way.

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