The Quickest Way to Create a Powerful Presentation

Emergency meetings or being late to complete a presentation is quite normal for an individual, working or a student. In such scenarios, most of the people end up going without a presentation, or with a presentation that is not properly formatted or even complete. Even though a person is running late, it is possible to create a presentation in the last minutes, but is it possible to create a ‘powerful’ presentation in such a small span of time? Seems pretty impossible, right? But it is not that difficult. And, if you will take care of the following few things, it is the easiest. So here are some tips for creating powerful presentation faster:

Start from the End: The first step is to consider the end. Yes, you need to analyse what message exactly the presentation should deliver to your audience by the end. Keeping the end in mind, you are able to set the goals for the presentation. And, when your goals are clear, you avoid adding up any unnecessary elements to your presentation. This way, you save lots of time while creating a presentation.

Plan and Prepare the Content First: As you are clear about the goal of your presentation, keeping it in mind, plan the whole presentation. A better plan helps in cutting a lot of extra effort and saves time. Decide on what highlights you want to add to the presentation, how many slides should be there, what are the types of visuals you will add to the presentation, and thus, prepare the content for the presentation.

Make Presentations Faster

Use the Short-cuts: The simplest yet powerful advice: use shortcuts. If you are a professional presentation creator, you know the importance of shortcuts and might be familiar with almost all of them. But if you are a fresher, you should at least know about some of the basic shortcuts. You can simply search for them on the internet and use them while creating the presentation. The use of short-cuts is the easiest way to get things done faster on PowerPoint, and thus, you save a lot of time.

Use/Reuse a Readymade Template: Designing a new theme, or the presentation design will consume a lot of your time. So get a relevant template for your presentation. You can get the template from the web or use a template from the PowerPoint template library. You can also reuse an old template that may have your company logo. This way, you will again save time on the designing part as well.

Don’t Waste Much Time on Text: Presentations are to represent, not to make people read. Most of the people prefer visuals over the text, which is a plus for the ones who want to make the presentation faster. Many expert presenters advice that even at the times when one has plenty of time to build a presentation, they should not use much of text in it. So slash the text, and make use of multimedia and visual elements. This will help you save a lot of time as well as make the presentation more expressive and better looking.

Duplicate: So there are chances that you want to use a similar slide design or similar content of a slide on another slide. So don’t create it from scratch, but directly duplicate the slide. Ctrl+D is a non-famous short-cut on PowerPoint that duplicates a slide and its design. So select the slide and use the shortcut. After duplicating the slide, you can remove the unwanted elements from it and keep the ones that you want to. This method will help you save more time as well as the extra efforts you would put in to create new but similar slides.

Use Animations and Visuals Consistently: The visuals, especially animations, will result in faster presentation building, but if you use them consistently, it will make the presentation even more powerful. Do not flood the presentation with extra animations and visuals. Instead, you can use a bigger graphic representing a smaller text. The method is time-saving and also delivers the message powerfully.

Use Smart Guide: PowerPoint offers various tools for organising the content properly on the slide, Smart Guide being one of those tools is a must use for the faster presentation creation process. Smart Guide helps you manage proper spacing between the objects used on a slide, such that you do not have to drag and drop the objects and measure the spaces by yourself. Also, you can use the ‘Distribute Horizontally/Vertically’ option from the Format menu, to distribute similar-looking objects on the slide equally.

So when in a hurry, do not worry about the effectiveness of the last-minute presentation. Instead, follow these tips and surprise your audience. Even if you want to share your presentation online, these tips help you create an outstanding presentation faster.

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