Skills that you can learn by designing a Presentation

Nowadays, due to rising Internet penetration, online presentations have become the norm. Therefore, survival in the corporate world requires adequate presentation skills. Being able to share presentations online makes it a lot easier to share information during online presentations. Also, since remote working has now become popular in India, online presentations have become the need of the hour. It is not enough to have the right content for an online presentation, users also need to be able to present this information clearly and effectively. Hence, having the proper presentation skills is quite necessary. So what skills can you learn from designing a presentation? Here’s a look at some of the critical skills you require to create and present online presentations and why it is essential!

Why are Online Presentations Important?

  • presentationRising internet penetration and a surge in the number of people using mobile devices makes it easier to depend on online presentations
  • Goes a long way in improving the accessibility of information and knowledge
  • Presentation sharing websites make it easier to transfer, create and share information regarding presentations
  • Since more people use mobile devices now, using online presentations will help people stay connected while on the move
  • Makes it a lot easier to safely and securely share information
  • More comfortable to set access levels to different people
  • Helps you have more efficient and productive sessions
  • Create engaging online presentations that will serve as sales pitches and marketing talks
  • Get feedback regarding how to improve your presentations
  • Gauge how much of your audience can grasp and follow what you are saying

Tips to Design Good Slide Decks

  1. Try to build your online presentation around a story for maximum impact. Focus on what you are trying to say, and then try to narrate it in the form of a story. Once you have the story in place, start crafting your slides so that they supplement and complement the story.
  2. Be consistent as much as possible, as this helps people concentrate on what is being said. Try to stick to the same font, shades, colors, and use of imagery. If you try to deviate between these metrics too much, your audience will feel confused as they will have too much to get their heads around. Stick to an existing style guide, rather than starting from scratch, to build a consistent online presentation slide deck.
  3. However, make sure you don’t make the slides too monotonous as this makes things very dull for the viewer. Try to change things up by using different transitions and effects. Be careful not to overdo it, so that you don’t come across as childish. Rather than making all the slide decks similar, try to contrast between light and dark to create the right balance.
  4. Furthermore, do not add the exact same lines that the presenter will be saying, as this leads to duplication of effort. Instead, focus on words, phrases, and images that will help you enhance the storytelling of the presenter. Break up lines and add bullet points wherever you can to improve readability.
  5. Whenever you add images, go for high-quality ones which help your audience connect more with the presentation. Look for visual cues that will help build an emotional bond with your audience, as this will help make the online presentation more engaging. However, do not force images if they do not fit the objective.

Skills a Designer Will Pick Up While Creating Online Presentations

  • Storytelling

A good designer will be able to get better at telling a story and presenting his or her points effectively. While getting the point across is the main point of an online presentation, the best way to do so would be to connect with the audience. Storytelling helps you achieve that with ease.

  • Analyze the audience

Designing the right deck requires you to know what the audience expects. Therefore, by the end of this exercise, you will be able to build the skill of gauging your crowd. You will learn to look at market trends and understand what the customers want and expect.

  • Gather Data

A good slide deck should concisely contain vital information. Therefore, a designer must be able to look through piles of data and spot the significant ones. Stuffing your presentation with too much data will make it too difficult for your audience to focus on what matters. Therefore, you need to be able to gather data and sieve through that data.

As is visible from the examples given above, designing a slide deck will help you grow as an analyst and marketer. Since online presentations have become the norm in large corporate offices, building such skills will be very important in the years to come. Also, by using the presentation sharing website, such as SharePresentation, you will be able to get your slide decks across to thousands of people all over the world. Therefore, make sure you make use of such websites to further your reach and build stronger, better business relations.






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