Things to Avoid While Creating a Presentation

Only the presenters might know the pain of creating a different but impactful presentation every single time. But as they master the art of presentation creation, every presentation they create are has a different effect on its audience. But what about the ones who are new to presentation creation and are have been facing challenges during the process of creation of the presentation. Though there are many ‘do’s’ that every new creator can follow in order to create an impactful presentation. Following the ‘don’ts’ can help them even better. So here are some of the things that one should avoid in order to create an awesome and meaningful presentation:

Over Use of the Text: Every element of the presentation, including the text, visuals, audio, infographics, as well as charts, are equally important for the success of the presentation. Sometimes, for the sake of making it more understandable, the creator puts too much text in the presentation. But since not everyone is interested in reading, there is a high possibility that most of the people would skip reading the text, and may even, leave the presentation without checking it out, completely. When you are sharing your presentation online, you won’t be there to explain things, so the responsibility of explaining goes directly to the presentation. Since visuals are more expressive, these eliminate the need for the use of text. So, instead of using useless text in the presentation, try to use more of the visuals in it.


Use of Unnecessary Transitions: Though it seems that transitions are necessary for making a presentation an outstanding one, in the case of extra or wrong usage, the transition can lead the presentation to a disaster. Despite the transitions being one of the best tools for creating the best effects in the presentations, these can turn the things the other way around, by distracting the audience from the main agenda. Transitions are powerful, so try to keep it simple, such that you achieve the desired effect, but keep the audience stuck to the theme of the presentation.

Use of Complex Charts and Graphs: Charts and graphs help in better representation of data, but when we overdo these charts and graphs, it makes them even more complex. This complexity leads to confusion and boredom. This way, the audience in the effort of deciphering the charts and the graphs, also lose their interest and finally, may leave the presentation in between.

Use of an Old Template: PowerPoint has got a vast collection of template designs, and there are some of the templates that have been used over and over, as these have been the most popular ones. But the audience is done with seeing those similar templates again and again. You can easily get beautiful fresh templates outside PowerPoint, i.e. through Google. So do not waste your time and effort on using the old templates, but grab some new and creative designs that can be more impactful.

Keeping the White Space in the Images: This may be the creator’s lazy nature that most of the times, they leave the white space around an image as it is while using them in a presentation. But this white space looks the ugliest and makes the slides look the worst. This has been all-time advice from the biggest presenters, that before using the images in a presentation, crop the extra white space of the images and only then use it in a slide.

Bad Colour Contrast: Colours have the greatest influence over the appearance of a presentation. They can get the best effects to the presentation, and on the other, if not used properly, can make the presentation a big mess. These colours can be of the presentation’s background, text colour or the colour of the visuals you have used in the presentation. For a beautiful presentation, you need to set a proper colour contrast and avoid using the colours with similar tone together, e.g., the colour combinations such as blue and red, white and yellow. To save time and your presentation from a failure, try to use the pre-installed colour themes. And, if you want to use the colours of your choice and experiment with colours, you can research the colours that go together in contrast.

So these are the 6 mistakes that every creator must avoid in order to create that exceptional presentation.

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