Tips to Create an Impressive PowerPoint Presentation

A presentation is like telling a story with images, content and effects. A bad presentation can break your career or investment dreams. Apart from consist well-researched content and well-written sentences, the look and attractiveness is another important aspect of a good presentation.

Your audience should be glued to what you are presenting. A good professional presenter knows how to create a good presentation. Does that mean you should take help from professional presentation creators? The answer is no. You just need to remember few things to make a killing presentation.

1. Choose your own theme and style – Don’t let PowerPoint decide how your presentation would look. You can have many themes and color options to change the look and feel of the presentation. It is as important as having an attractive book cover for a book. Depending on the content of your article change the theme to make it more impressive and relevant.

2. Come up with interesting content– Boring content make the whole slide uninteresting. Suppose your slide contains information about “healthy vegetables”. Don’t use text like “These are the name of healthy vegetables”. Instead, try to provide a cool and interesting title like “These veggies will make you throw your health suppliments”

3. Slide customization – Customize your slide sizes and use appealing font. Your presentation must look different from others and that’s the key point of selling a presentation. Use bullet points, animation or transition effects in moderation.

4. Keep the background consistent – Although PowerPoint offers lots of colors and other decorative options for the background, try to keep it consistent. A good presentation always tries to make sure that the audience love how content is presented slide by slide. Using too many colors or images as your background will make your presentation distracting and out of place.

5. Fill in the Blanks with apt images – Without images, a presentation looks dull. It’s like watching Tom & Jerry without Jerry. “Presentation” means how you present a specific research or content to your audience and make them understand all of it. Images help to make your presentation look attractive and more involving for the audience. A big blank space in a presentation can make your slide look hollow, so put an image there which is, of course, related to the information on the slide. Try not to use more than one image on a slide unless it’s really necessary, and it is better not to have any images in the first (introductory) page.

6. Do not overuse – Always try to be clear-cut and direct in your presentation. There is no space for adding metaphors or unnecessary details in a slide. As that can make it look crowded. Each slide should consist a certain amount of text with a font size easily visible to your audience. Crowded slides are uninteresting.

A good presentation is a key to success.  Always make sure your presentation is attractive, has the right amount of words and images. And always try to end it with a proper conclusion.

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