Tips for Delivering Virtual Presentations with Conviction and Engagement.

Virtual Presentation

Connecting with people is the most important factor when you are presenting your idea or product to the audience. There are various types of people sitting in the audience including investors, stakeholders, your teammates, and the target audience. So, you have to deliver your presentation in such a way that you stay connected to everyone. If you lose someone’s interest right from the start, it becomes difficult to get back to them.

What is Important?

Moreover, the working system has shifted to a remote environment due to the pandemic. So, next time you are preparing a presentation, you are likely to deliver it in an online mode. In virtual presentations, you have to work harder to keep users engaged. Because when you and your audience are dealing face to face, your body language, posture, expressions play a very crucial role while presenting. But, in a virtual presentation that cannot be executed.

So, right from the beginning of your presentation, engaging and convection should be the top two priorities. Delivering a presentation that will establish an engagement between the presenter and the audience throughout the entire time span is a rather tough job. But, one doesn’t need to worry about how to deliver a presentation with conviction and engagement because the answer is right here.

How to deliver Virtual Presentations?

In this article, you will learn about the factors that make your presentation engaging and ways to deliver it with conviction. According to the famous entrepreneur, Rich Mulholland the biggest challenge in virtual presentations is to have the undivided attention of your audience. Mulholland is the founder of Missing Link which is called the presentation powerhouse as it teaches people the art of delivering engaging presentations with conviction.

Mulholland is also a public speaker and after working for several brands in the past, he has mastered the art of presentation. Today, his presentation tips are followed by every business or young entrepreneur, or college graduate pitching their ideas in front of the target audience. So, let’s have a look at what golden tips are given by Rich Mulholland for maximizing engagement and conviction in virtual presentations.

  • Taming your tech:

During a virtual presentation, one needs to keep in mind that your users should be able to see your presentation and at the same time hear your voice clearly. Most of the time, virtual presentations don’t go as expected due to poor network connection or absence of clarity.

So, the first thing will be making sure you have a stable internet connection that will support you through the entire presentation. And, second thing according to Rich Mulholland is focussing on CLAPS which stands for camera, lighting, sound, presentation, and set. Make sure that your camera is working and at a good angle which makes you clearly visible. Your voice should be clearly audible, the presentation should be visible to everyone, and most importantly always put on formal attire like you would have done in an offline mode.

Also, make sure your presentation is not too complex for a layman to grasp. Because sometimes this becomes the key reason why they start losing their interest. So, better keep it simple and smooth.

  • Get your audience to participate:

Gone are those days, when a presenter was the only one speaking and the job of the audience was only to listen. In order to deliver your content in an engaging way, establish a conversation between you and your audience. As Mulholland says, every time you begin with your presentation, ask them a question in the beginning. Their response will lead you to ask another question and this way their expectations are somewhere reflected in their answers. So, to deliver content with conviction you need to get your audience talking as well.

  • Catch their attention:

This is a common mistake done by most of the presenters in both online and offline modes. People tend to get to the content and details of their idea or business propaganda very soon. But, one cannot possibly make people buy a solution if they are not even aware of the problem. If you are trying to sell a solution by creating a problem that is most likely to fail. So, first, you make your audience realize that they are dealing with a problem in everyday life and let them get invested in it.  Make them realize the pain points faced by them and then eventually come up with your solution. Audiences are always looking for a solution to an existing problem. You give them that, you have their attention.

  • Constant engagement:

While you are presenting in a virtual mode, it is hard to track everyone’s movements who are present in the meeting. But, you can see plenty of participants on your screen and can understand who is paying attention. It is very common that people get distracted every one or the other minute, and it is your job to bring their attention back. So, in this case, ask them an interesting question or say things like “the answer is in the slide itself.” This will make them again look into your work and create curiosity.

  • Stand and present:

Since virtual meetings have become common over the past year, most of us tend to sit and give our presentations. But think about what you would have done in the offline mode. You would have stood in front of the audience and made them question, understand, realize, and convince. So, why will it change now? While you are presenting in a virtual model, try to give the presentation by standing as it will undoubtedly have the attention of your speakers. According to Mulholland, standing triggers the speaker in him and he is able to give a better presentation that way. So, it’s time you give it a try as well.

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