Tips to Start an Electrifying Presentation

presentationOnline presentations have become the new big thing in businesses around the world. Growing internet penetration, the use of smartphones and also increase in popularity of remote working, has made it very useful to share presentations online. Furthermore, Presentation sharing website such as SharePresentation help people share presentations online easily. While pulling off an excellent online submission, the first thing we need is a unique platform to share presentations online. The next thing we require is a terrific presenter who can present the topic effectively. So, how do we make sure that we pull off an excellent online presentation? The only way to present well is to begin well because this helps you hold your audience’s attention. Here’s a quick look at some tips to help you start your online presence in an electrifying manner.

How to Start an Electrifying Presentation?


  • Try to By-Heart Your Opening Statement: Most experts advise people against memorizing their entire speech. This is because doing so makes the whole speech sound very robotic and monotonic. However, if you are generally anxious, it might do you good to memorize your opening statement. This will help you deliver this statement with confidence and ease, which, in turn, will help you get through your presentation efficiently. If you can make your way through the first 30 seconds confidently, your audience will also be more willing to pay more attention to you. This will help you pull off an engaging presentation.
  • Gain People’s Attention: The most important thing you need to remember while starting your presentation is that you need to gain your audience’s attention. Studies show that people decide whether to pay attention to something within 10 seconds of a presentation starting. Hence, you have that small window of opportunity to gain your audience’s attention. If you fail to start with a bang, you will lose your audience to their mobile phones and other disturbances. While you might want to introduce yourself and give a tranquil introduction about the subject, make sure you do so innovatively. Furthermore, employ creative methods to grab their attention, so that you can them hooked to what you are saying.
  • Give an SoP: Statement of Purpose is any line that adequately explains why you are giving this online presentations. Such a statement must come early in your presentation so that your audience understands the objectives behind holding this meeting. Furthermore, sharing presentations online can help your audience analyze what you are saying and follow your speech. Make sure your audience knows why exactly they are attending your presentation, as this will give them more incentive to pay close attention.
  • Handling Questions: Make it clear from the beginning how you want to handle questions. Some speakers prefer having issues towards the end of their presentation, while others like clearing doubts as they arise. Whichever might be your personal choice, make sure you communicate this to your audience, to prevent any misunderstanding. If you are handling a sales or marketing talk, make sure you address every question raised, as this will help you come across as more confident and capable.
  • Thank Them: A great way to begin things is by thanking your audience for attending the online presentation. Make sure your audience feels welcome and respected. This will help them feel more wanted, and therefore, they will tend to pay more attention to what you are about to say. Furthermore, when you begin with a Thank You, the chances are that your audience will want to engage more with you as well, as they feel more respected. This gesture also helps you come off as sincere and gracious.

Quick Tips and Ideas


  1. Understand the importance of silence. Incorporating silence into your online presentation can prove to be a creative way to garner the audience’s attention. It might bring in a few laughs, some confused stares and even some discomfort, but it will surely shock your audience and make them pay more attention to you.
  2. If you feel confident on stage, you can also try opening with a joke to ease your audience into the topic.
  3. However, make sure you don’t overdo the jokes because that tends to divert people’s attention from the main point of discussion. Furthermore, make sure your jokes are in line with people’s sense of humor and drop the strategy if it doesn’t seem to be working, rather than continuing.
  4. Start with a story that encapsulates the objectives of your speech and why it is essential.
  5. When you begin, talk using past or future tense so that the audience stays hooked to your address.
  6. Begin with a quote if you find one that is bold, effective and in line with the topic you are presenting.
  7. Be brave enough to be vulnerable because then the public will feel like you are more relatable, and this will help you keep them engaged later on.



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