Top 6 Cool PowerPoint Add-ins of 2019

Microsoft PowerPoint, itself, is a cool software, which is used to build creative presentations that you can showcase in front of a live audience or through presentation sharing websites. The platform offers various tools and features using which you can transform your content into powerful presentation slides. But still, PowerPoint has got some limitations, and to overcome those limitations, many of the developers develop certain types of add-ins that can enhance the functionality of PowerPoint.

The Definition

Add-ins are small software programs, that are specifically designed to work with a certain program, such as Microsoft PowerPoint. These add-ins, as the name suggests, are used to integrate or add useful features to the very program, for it has been developed. So, these programs cannot run independently.

Top 6 Cool PowerPoint Add-ins of 2019

Being one of the popular software, Microsoft PowerPoint has also got a long list of add-ins, that creators use to make their presentation even more effective and powerful. So here is a list of the most loved and cool six PowerPoint add-ins of 2019:

1. PowerPoint Labs: PowerPoint Labs is one of the most popular add-ins, and that is why it is on the top of our list. This very plugin provides you features like editing an image within PowerPoint itself. Also, there are various features that are used to highlight and make the slides of the presentation stand out. With the plugin, you get its own toolbar with options like adding animations to the slide, creating spotlights, adding audio to the slide, highlighting the bullets, text, or a specific image, cropping the image, etc. So if you have integrated this very add-in to your PowerPoint, you most likely would not need to add any other add-ins to it.

2. Pexels: Pexels is one of the biggest free image hosting websites, and with Pexels add-in, you get access to the biggest image library within your PowerPoint software for free. Though there are also paid images on the platform, there are enough free images that can suffice your need. So without the need of opening a separate browser window, finding and downloading the image to use it in your slide, you just need to get the add-in and select the image from the Pexels library to use it on the slides

3. Thor The Hammer: It is a free plugin and is as powerful as the hammer. The tiny-tool is designed to help the users to adjust the object position on the slides accurately, without any extra efforts. You can direct this very plugin to memorise the location and the size of an object and place it on any slide at the same place in just a few clicks. Like for the logo or any repeating element, you do not have to put them every time on every single slide. You just need to use the Hammer tool, and you get your logos placed at a similar position in every slide of the presentation. This way, with the perfect positioning of the objects, you get a professional-looking presentation.

4. QR4Office: QR codes are the best way to encrypt important data or links. These days the QR codes are also used to create polls and do payments. For a presentation, too, QR codes have become quite popular, as these can encapsulate extra information, like links to the reading material as well as media files into them. The QR4Office is the one add-in that helps you to create such QR codes for your documents, including for PowerPoint presentation. This is easy to use, yet the most effective add-in that you can use to enhance the presentation and the user experience for your audience.

5. ToolsToo: The ToolsToo is yet another powerful tool, that basically, works with the positioning of the objects on the slide. This very add-in offers various shapes and slide tools, and make adjusting the objects on the right position easy and efficient. With the help of this plugin, you can enhance the visual consistency of your presentation. You get a 30 days free trial to use the add-in, and then you can buy it for $19.99.

6. Office Timeline: It is another powerful tool that, as the name suggests, helps you create amazing looking timelines or the Gantt Chart for your presentation in a few clicks. You just need to enter some data related to the schedule or the data for which you want to create the chart, and you will end up with a beautiful timeline. This plugin makes the use of a wizard tool that is responsible for creating the timeline. The ones who are off to build these timelines on a regular basis, this add-in is meant to save their time and efforts. This is a paid plugin that will cost $59 a year, including all updates and technical assistance.

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