5 Uses of PowerPoint Presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful tool to create informational presentations and has been the number one tool used by people for the past many years. The platform offers various useful tools and options to create awesome looking presentations which can gain more people engagement and explain things in a better way. PowerPoint lets you use various types of visuals, 3D content, audio, animations, etc. to make a presentation more communicative and understandable.

Most of the people consider PowerPoint as a professional tool. They think that only business people or educators/students can use this platform. But since the purpose of a presentation is to spread awareness, the scope of PPTs is even beyond. The five major uses of the PowerPoint presentations are listed below:

5 Uses of Powerpoint

1) For the Purpose of Education: Presentation is specifically built to educate people, and this is the main and the very basic thing, you can do with a PowerPoint presentation. But there is an unlimited number of fields, where you can use the presentation to educate people. PPTs can be used to educate children at school, train employees at an organisation, prepare tutorials for teaching different skillset to people in a friend circle or through online presentation sharing websites. Those tutorials may be based on culinary skills, yoga asana and exercises, artistic DIYs, how to use a particular product, etc. also, the government organisation can also make PowerPoint presentation to educate people about its new policies.

2) For Making Digital Portfolio as well as Company Brochures: Why waste money on paper to publish your company portfolio or brochures, when there is a cheaper and digital way to do so. Though you would require a few paper brochure to distribute among a few of your customers, you can simply create a digital brochure with the help of PowerPoint, which is a cheaper and more engaging method. PowerPoint allows you to use different animations and visuals in your presentation, making your company brochure or the portfolio more interesting. There are various mediums like email, social media platforms and presentation sharing websites, where you can share your digital portfolio as well as the company brochures with more people online.

3) To Create Photo Slide Show: Presentations are not the copyright of the business people or the educators, only. It can be used by common people to create presentations for their hobbies. Though various businesses have been using PowerPoint to create presentations for displaying images, other individuals can also make a photo slide show to be displayed at their wedding or special events, etc. They can also share their pictures from a trip as a slide show using a presentation on their social media handles.

4) For Product Promotions: Marketing is the most important yet tedious task to do. With PowerPoint, you can create creative presentations, describing everything about your product/service and share it with people using different online mediums. To promote your product, you can share those Ppts through email, on all your or the company’s social media handles, or on the various presentation sharing websites. This way you can reach more people and spread awareness about your product/service.

5) Corporate Policies on the Intranet: Though there are various document formats that people have been using to create their corporate policies, you can go for a PPT to create your corporate policies and share them on your official website. You can make use of professional fonts and good visuals to make your policy look more neat and readable. You can also find various professional PowerPoint templates for creating your corporate policies over the internet. There is also an option for converting those PPTs to other formats to prevent data tampering and misuse.

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