5 Ways to Share a Presentation Online

Being a presenter you might have had a thought that your presentation must reach as many people as possible. But in a meeting room or even a big auditorium, there is a limit on the number of audiences, and the scope of the presentation. Some people out of the audience may ask you for a copy of your presentation, but otherwise, it is just kept in your own PC forever. But why not you broadcast your presentation online? You might think what is the purpose, but by publishing your slides online can help you reach more people and make them aware of your ideas, services and products. Since the era is of going online, you must try out uploading and sharing your presentations on the internet, as this is also a great method of marketing. So here are five methods you can opt to share your presentation online:

1. Through Email: This is a really old method, which can never be out of trend, as no one is going to stop using emails until any other great option comes around. With the email, you can directly send your presentation to your clients and other people. And for that, you can create an official account from where you can send those emails and keep a directory of your clients and new contacts. Though if your presentation has some crucial data, sending it through the mail can be a bit risky. In those cases, you need to go for some other option.

sharing presentation online

2. File Sharing Services: A password protected link to your presentation on a file sharing service like DropBox, OneDrive or Google Drive, can be a great option for sharing the presentation online. Those platforms can easily handle bigger files which cannot be sent through the email. Being based on the cloud, those services let you access those presentations from anywhere at any time. Using these services can be really cost-effective, as for the first few GBs, these platforms provide free upload. e.g. Google Drive provides 15GB space for free, whereas, OneDrive offers up to 5GB and DropBox gives up to 2GB free storage.

3. Use Presentation Hosting: One of the best and most-effective methods for sharing presentation online and to reach a global audience is sharing presentations through presentation hosting websites. There are several websites including SharePresentation where you can upload and share your presentations for free. Those websites host millions of people every day, which can help you reach more people at a global level. Those websites also let you use various other options to share the presentation further, such as through social media, email, embedding them on to your website or blog. You can also keep track of the number of visitors and track the progress of the presentation with the help of analytics.

4. Embed: You can also easily embed your presentation to your website or blog. There are many websites that convert PPT to HTML5 and generates an embeddable code for that particular PPT, that too for free. You need to upload the PPT to the website and after conversion, use the generated code into your blog or website. The other simple way to get the embed code is to simply upload the presentation to the presentation sharing website and get the embed code for your presentation.

5. Share on your LMS: Learning Management Systems (LMS) is the new method of learning, and here too you can share your presentations easily. To share your presentations on an LMS, you need to register your account on it. To upload your presentations on an LMS, you first need to convert your presentation format from PPT to formats like SCORM or TinCan. On an LMS platform, you can easily track its progress and attain feedback from the audience.

So these are a few methods which can help you share your presentation according to your need like if you want to share your presentation with a closed group, you can go for the file-sharing services, and if you want to grab more and more audience, you can go for a presentation hosting service.

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