Why Design is Important in Presentation?

An excellent communication can influence the audience in an effective way, but if the information is combined with a compelling visual presentation, the audience is fully convinced by the end of the presentation. It is true that the content and the skills of the presenter, play the essential role in the success of a presentation. But, it is evenly true that the presenter requires an eye-catching design to make the audience stay till the end. The blending of a powerful content with the aesthetics put a long-lasting impact over the subconscious of the audience.

The design of a presentation is not merely the backgrounds, fonts and a few lines, but is the main tool, that polishes up the two main part of the presentation- the content and the skills of the presenter. If the presenter is aware of the significance of the design of the presentation, accompanying the skills and the content, he will be always in the win-win situation. The following points can help you understand better, why does it matter for a presentation to have a beautiful design:

Lasting Impression: It is a proven fact that the audience always remember only 10 to 20 per cent of the verbal communication, but the visual content has a lasting impression on the audience, as they remember over 40 to 60 per cent of it. The visual content such as pictures, infographics and videos are more recallable as compared to the verbal content. Hence, the audience is more convinced by the visual content.

Audience Engagement: It is the speaker’s confidence and knowledge that attract the audience’s attention, but the design of the presentation is another factor that will keep the audience engaged. The text, pictures as well as the videos used in the presentation avoids boredom and encourages the audience to stay to know more. Those animations keep the public entertained as well as involved in the presentation.

Efficient: A visually-rich presentation takes out the confidence of the presenter that leads to more efficiency, as a confident person is more likely to deliver the content without hesitation. Along with the audience, the presenter itself starts enjoying the presentation and bring out most of the knowledge. A beautiful design leads to better efficiency as half of the work of connecting with the audience is done by the presentation itself.

Better Understanding: A powerful presentation results in more engagement and an engaged audience grasp most of the content presented to them by the speaker, verbally as well as through the presentation. The central goal of a presentation is to educate the audience as much as possible. Hence with the help of an impactful design, the motive is achieved with greater possibility.

Although a presenter’s confidence can do wonders to the presentation, we cannot deny the fact that a disorganised presentation can also lead to failure. Overlooking the importance of the design of a presentation represents the presenter as a clumsy person, and the audience starts making judgements on the basis of that. It follows in a lack of interest among the audience, and even the best of the speeches by the speaker can result in a bizarre. Also, when we share a presentation on an online presentation website, there is no speaker who will present the presentation, and the presentation is solely dependent on its design. Hence, if we do not focus on the design of the presentation, it will be a waste of time, resulting in lesser views and numerous bad reviews.

So, if you were making the same mistake of neglecting the design of your presentations, you must start working on your skills to create beautiful designs, for the success of your presentations.

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