Low Pressure Roof Cleaning Services in Midland


Uploaded on Jan 4, 2021

EV Power Wash specializes in safe and low-pressure roof cleaning. With a client-oriented approach, our trained professionals provide safe, efficient, and high-quality roof cleaning services.

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Low Pressure Roof Cleaning Services in Midland

Low Pressure Roof Cleaning Services in Midland About- EV Power Wash EV Power Wash is a Midland, Texas Company, which provides pressure washing and power washing solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial properties. With almost 20 years of experience, we provide services from soft house washing, patio cleaning, commercial pressure washing, concrete power washing, industrial cleaning, cold jet dry ice power cleaning, to graffiti removal, and many more. EV Power Wash believes in providing environment-friendly solutions for all cleaning projects and preserving the beautiful nature surrounding your home or business. Our proprietary solutions and superior cleaning treatments ensure a safe washing experience for a broad range of services. We have advanced machinery & equipment for the removal of dirt, oil, and junk. Why Does Roof Cleaning and Washing Make Sense? The main reasons behind the black streaks are the organic growths of algae, mold, moss, lichen, and mildew. These organic growths breed moisture, which makes the deterioration of the roof worse. As time passes, the limestone filler in the shingles of your roof gets fed by these parasites, which slowly breaks down the roof. The organic growth exposes the roof underlayment and wood sheathing, resulting in more invasive roof damage. For removal of these black marks, instead of changing the whole roof, a thorough roof cleaning is all that makes sense. EV Power Wash uses biodegradable solutions for the removal of organic growths and bacteria. Our soft low pressure roof cleaning services protect the integrity and give an ultimate finishing touch to the roof’s surface. We safely and effectively remove all the dirt stains and organic materials resulting in a clean and structurally unaffected roof, which is free of organic debris. Why Do You Need Roof Cleaning Midland Services? It improves the curb appeal and increases the value of your home. The roof does not deteriorate and will last for a longer time. It will help in promoting a cleaner living environment, which will reduce your family’s exposure to allergens, such as mold and pollution. It will protect your roof from any damage and will avoid leaks. It is a cost-efficient method for effective roof cleaning and washing. A low-pressure water stream is used, which makes it a safe process and causes no mechanical damage to the roof. Biodegradable chemicals and cleansing agents are used to give superior results. Less water is used, which helps in deep penetration and the complete disinfection of organic growths. The method is highly effective in eliminating all the algae, mold, moss, and mildew. Advanced equipment is used for a quick and professional roof cleaning. EV Power Wash uses a soft wash house washing method for cleaning an array of roof materials such as: Asphalt Metal/Aluminum Shake Concrete Tile Synthetics Slate Wood Shake Vinyl Membrane Rolled/Flat Roof Stay Connected With US Address: 903 W. Industrial Ave, Midland, Texas, 79701 Phone No: (432) 400-3999 Website: https://www.evpowerwash.com/