How Sharing Presentation Online is helpful in SEO?

With so many websites that have come up in the last few years, it really is hard to attract new visitors every day. Think about any topic under the Sun, no matter how niche it is, chances are that there are a few websites on it already. So, how do you ensure that your website stays relevant? Well, one of the best ways to do so would be to ensure that your SEO stays high. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation helps you stay relevant by keeping you ahead in search engine results. This basically means that Google Presentationshowcases your website higher up during results. While there are several ways to make sure you have a good SEO rank, a critical aspect of SEO comes along with presentations. How many of you know about the link between SEO and online presentations, PPT sharing websites and the sharing of presentations? Well, here’s a look at some of the ways SEO improves when you share presentations online.

Off-Page SEO and Presentation Sharing

Many types of businesses make use of online presentations to get their views across. In such cases, they rely on presentation sharing websites to improve the reach and visibility of their presentations. Furthermore, such companies try to share presentations online as much as possible to drive traffic towards their website. Off-page SEO is as important as on-page ones because they ensure that your website does well in all aspects. One significant technique you can use to improve your off-page SEO is via PPT sharing websites. PPT submission works well for online marketing and optimizing your website to attract targeted traffic.

Benefits of PPT Submission

  1. Helps in enhancing the visibility of content
  2. Well-organized online presentations help in increasing the rate of conversion.
  3. Improves inbound traffic via efficient use of backlinks
  4. Helps others share presentations online through their blogs and websites, bringing you good-quality inbound links.
  5. Slide-decks from online presentations help to drive traffic to your website
  6. Sharing presentations to quality directories improves targeted traffic.
  7. Better generation of leads
  8. Helps to express and showcase information in a better way
  9. Improves social media marketing
  10. Online presentations when converted into videos become a good source of online video marketing

Why You Should Share Presentations Online

  • Leveraging Assets: While online presentations are made to address a particular problem, sharing them online helps you gain additional mileage. Therefore, you can maximize the result from your efforts by just making sure to put your presentations up on PPT sharing websites. This way, interested parties who come upon your presentation will head on over to your website to gain more insight regarding the topic at hand.
  • Showcase your Expertise: A presentation can never hold all the information you have about a particular topic. Most of the time they behave the way a teaser or trailer does, by letting your clients know that you have some experience in the given field. Therefore, by ensuring that you share presentations online, you make even more people understand your technical know-how with regards to a certain field.
  • Marketing Model: Presentations serve as creative outlets in presenting information on topics that interest your company or business. Therefore, they can be used as great marketing tools that help you convert potential leads into customers. Presentations can effectively describe complex issues regarding your products and services while leaving out certain details, which the customer will have to come to you to obtain. In this way, they serve as great marketing funnels, directing interested people to your business.
  • Great References: When it comes to local SEO, online presentations contain
    links and local citations, which help create a “buzz” about your business. Search engine algorithms pick up on this buzz, helping you score a higher rank the next time someone searches on something related to your presentation. Therefore, when people share presentations online, they are helping to increase the buzz surrounding your company. Presentations also contain links to your company’s social media accounts helping you further strengthen your ranking.
  • Less Spam: Another great advantage you gain when people share presentations online is that such PPT sharing websites have little spam on them. Therefore, chances are that more people will go through your presentation and then approach you. Due to the lack of spam on such websites, the users are bound to stay attentive, ensuring that your presentation reaches the right people. Furthermore, when people share presentations they improve the keyword relevancy value, leading to various search benefits.

Tips for Optimising Online Presentations for SEO

  1. Use text, and not text within graphics to improve the keyword ranking ability of your presentation.
  2. Always optimize the title of your slide by integrating it with your keywords.
  3. Never forget to optimize your last slide by adding contact information and relevant links to your social media accounts.
  4. Add headers and footers with citational information on them.
  5. Make people share presentations online as much as you can.
  6. Try using PPT sharing websites to improve your visibility.

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