Online Presentation trends to follow in 2020

Studies show that the number of people opting to work remotely is increasing as the years go by. This means, that at some point in time in the future, there will be more people working from home, than in offices. So, what does this mean for business communication? Well, such remote working will require companies to have webinars and teleconferences to get their ideas and action plans across. Thus, online presentations will boom in the coming years, and more and more people will upload and share PowerPoint presentations online. So how do you make sure your online presentations stay relevant and attract viewers? Here’s a look at how to upload and share presentations online effectively.

Future Ahead

In order to stay relevant, it is essential to look into trends and forecasts so that you stay updated regarding new technologies. In 2019, PowerPoint moved towards new paths with regards to presentation functionality and design. Now, let’s take a look at 2020, and see where the future of PowerPoint presentations is heading. With PowerPoint 2019, Microsoft launched several new functions and widgets that will help you upload and share PowerPoint presentations with ease. Make sure you keep your audience engaged using the techniques mentioned below.

Colour Palette

Most slides on the presentations you upload and share online use double colours to attain a duo-tone. But, such high-contrasted colour combinations make it harder for our retinas to grasp what’s happening. However, people have a notion that such a tonality is cool and will never get old. While duo-tone defines optimism, being edgy and colourful, 2020 might be a quieter year for the colour palette. Hence, when you upload and share PowerPoint presentations online, try to ensure that the design doesn’t have any extraordinary colour customisation. This ensures a less arrogant ambience. which allows for hassle-free communication.

Also, when it comes to the visual aspect of your slide, try to go for a design that embodies the environment or nature. Go for hues of green, and organic shapes instead of commercialised patterns. Since humans now spend 90% of their time indoors, they will appreciate and pay more attention if you bring the outdoors into your presentation subtly.


Less truly is more in certain cases, and in 2020, it seems that will be the case with PowerPoint presentations. While designing your slides, make sure you add only the very important information, rather than crowding up against each slide. You need to understand that the less important information and all secondary data should be orally explained. A PowerPoint trend that is coming up strongly is the “flat design”. In 2020, experts believe that 3D effects will become a thing of the past. The trend suggests a movement towards a flat foil design, which will bring with it a reduction in content per slide. Therefore, when you upload and share presentations, make sure you stick to a uniform font that is strong and bold, keep the white space ratio to 2/3 and have content only up to 1/3 of the slide.

Transition Effectively

As PowerPoint 2019 comes with the ability to perform a morph transition, this will surely be a trend in 2020. Morphing works perfectly for modern presentations that employ a lot of images. This particular effect ensures a seamless transition, and also allows the user to zoom in on content effectively. Not only does this improve readability, but it also helps you showcase and highlight different slide areas. It isn’t easy to keep your audience focused on what you want to say, and it is even more difficult to do so as you progress through slides. However, using such smooth transitions will help you keep them engaged while you move from one concept to the other.

Content is King

Time is essentially money in this new era, and hence, you need to try to get more across in less time. Therefore, the quality of your content becomes more important than ever before. All the content on your slides, be it via text, images or bullet points, need to get a point across. It should focus on a strong narrative, and convey all the main points while skipping secondary and subsidiary information. In the end, the audience must be able to recollect the important points with ease and then retain that information. To do so, grab the audience’s attention using text bolding, add 3D elements occasionally, simplify your content and use crisp and clear language.

Images Over Text

Though presentations cannot be designed without text, last year showed us that the trend is moving towards lesser text as the year goes by. Make sure you add as many relevant images as possible. Try to say more using fewer words, and to do this, rely on smart infographics. Rather than explaining the impact of a certain plan of action, add an infographic that clearly shows the impact. Studies show that the human brain retains and comprehends data more easily via images than through text. Infographics also make it easier to communicate and engage with the audience.

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