How Visual Elements in your presentation Improves Audience Retention and Generates Quality Leads.

Over the past few years, the use of presentations to generate quality leads has been on the rise. However, to do so, businesses need to ensure their presentations are captivating. These presentations must be able to hold the audience’s attention and teach them something new. But, what goes into making an excellent presentation? Studies show that visual aids go a long way in improving audience retention and helping generate high-quality leads. In this article, we will take a look at the importance of visual aids, and how SharePresentation can help you garner those leads.

What is Audience Retention?

Let’s kick off with something simple yet vital. Audience or viewer retention is an average that represents how many people watch and stay attentive through the course of a video or presentation. YouTube measures this phenomenon as a percentage that determines how many people watched an entire video. As a result, videos with higher AR scores gain better visibility, as the audience better receives them. For example, if your presentation is ten minutes long, and people watch it for five minutes, then your AR score is 50%. Now that you know what AR is let us take a quick look at why it is so vital in marketing.

Why is Audience Retention Important?

Audience Retention is essentially a measure of how much people like and pay attention to your presentations or videos. Having a high score, therefore, means that people found the presentation exciting and rewarding.  Also, having a higher AR leads to better engagement and visibility. For instance, YouTube ranks videos with higher scores higher so that it reaches more people. Having your presentations and videos show up more on Google’s feed will therefore help you spread greater brand awareness. Now that you know just how vital AR is to presenters, let us take a look at how we can better our AR scores.

Strategies to improve Audience Retention

  • Make sure you have a compelling hook to draw viewers into your presentation. The first 15 seconds can decide whether people like or hate your presentation, so make sure you have a great introduction. Some creative hooks you can use are as follows;
  1. Clearly-Stated Value: Lets the viewer know what value you can add to their lives.
  2. Preview: Showcase what’s coming up later on in the presentation.
  3. Sneak Peek: Highlight a vital topic you will be discussing in the presentation.
  • To keep the audience engaged, use Pattern Interrupts, which serve as a technique that helps change a particular thought or behavior.
  • Go over your presentation and take note of the monotonous areas and rework them.
  • Change things up with the help of visual and audio aids, which can help the audience stay fresh.
  • Make sure you employ good voice modulation techniques and don’t sound too boring or monotonous.
  • Don’t overload your slides with text; instead, use visual aids to convey information more effectively.

So, what are visual aids?

Visual aids are graphic elements, such as pictures, charts, and animations that tell a story. These elements embellish presentations and help in improving audience retention. Images do have the effect of over 1000 words as they can effectively get information across. Therefore, making use of visual aids will help make your presentation visually and aesthetically pleasing. As per a study done by the Wharton Business School, visual aids help improve retention rates by over 400%! As a result, make sure you add the right combination of visual aids and textual content.

Types of visual aids

Here’s a quick look at the different visual aids you can leverage to improve audience retention and generate high-quality leads.

  1. Images and photos
  2. Graphs and Charts
  3. Logos and graphics
  4. Animations
  5. Bullet points and diagrams
  6. Props and models
  7. Illustrations and Maps
  8. Presentation software and video footage
  9. Physical demonstrations

What are the benefits of adding visuals?

  1. Helps the audience remember and retain the information shared
  2. Makes it easier for people to understand and comprehend data
  3. Turns dull data into visually aesthetic information (pie charts and bar graphs)
  4. Helps the audience bridge the gap between factual data and symbolic representations and understand the significance of the information
  5. Drives the point home with more impact than text
  6. Helps you get across a clear and focused message
  7. Engages with the audience more effectively than plain text
  8. Improves the clarity of the message, and the presenter’s credibility
  9. Stimulate the audience’s vision, and improves their rate of retention

Visual Presentations are the Future of Marketing

More and more companies are now engaging in lead generation through presentation sharing. As a result, presentation hosting websites like SharePresentation is more crucial than ever before. A lot of brands can improve their brand awareness and loyalty by uploading their presentations on such websites. Doing so helps them reach out to more people and make more people aware of their products and services. SharePresentation serves as a great platform to engage with the audience and drive more traffic to your official website. Since it has a large active user base, brands can rest assured that their content will reach new people and generate high-quality leads. Let us now take a quick look at how brands are using SharePresentation to generate better leads.

  1. Brands share presentations on LinkedIn through SharePresentation to improve their B2B outreach.
  2. Making use of intriguing titles to attract new viewers and make them aware of your products and services.
  3. Adding essential numbers and statistics to improve brand credibility and share milestones.
  4. Publishing case studies as presentations can also help in generating high-quality leads.
  5. Make sure you add your social media handles to the slides to encourage lead generation and sign-ups.

So, what are you waiting for? Upload your presentations, enriched with visual aids on SharePresentation, and generate high-quality leads for your brand!

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