Infographics : Benefits of Using Them in Education and Marketing

Infographics are one of the powerful means for educating people or even marketing your brand as well as products. These are lightweight documents that are informative and interesting enough to engage your potential customers and deliver the message in the most effective way. You might be lagging behind if you have never used this amazing tool to endorse your product. Here are some of the benefits of using infographics and the reasons why these are best when it comes to engaging a certain group of people:

Best Way for Telling Stories: Storytelling has always been the best way to make people believe in you and your brand, so what can be better than infographics to do so. Storytelling not only grabs more audience attention but is also helpful in connecting with them emotionally. If you look at the case studies of most of the big companies, you will find that the companies were more focussed on establishing a connection with the customers than directly selling their products, building the faith in their customers and making them their permanents.

Infographics are 80% visuals, and according to the researches, humans understand 40% better through visuals. So with infographics, it becomes really easy for you to put up a great story and connect with your audience. A compelling story told through an infographic even encourages the audience to go and hit your call-to-action button and reach your website.

Infographic in education and marketing

Better Engagement: Infographics are to educate people in the easiest way. But for educating people, one need their maximum attention. And, infographics having built using 80% visuals and 20% texts, are the best at doing that. As visuals get more attention than the text, these are more eye-catching and persuasive. With infographics, one does not need to have to read long sentences, so these hold more audience engagement than any other medium. Infographics not only are good at telling the stories but the best at representing numbers, stats and figures. The accurate information served to the audience in the simplest way also make them even more engaged with the content of an infographic.

Shows Your Expertise: Infographics are creative and show more in less. Instead of explaining things through long paragraphs, it makes use of meaningful visuals that helps you accurately deliver the message by asking minimal effort from the audience. But curating an infographic that encapsulates data and knowledgeable information, that too, in the comeliest way, needs a lot of hard work, knowledge, creativity and skills. Building a meaningful infographic shows your expertise as well as increases the credibility of the brand you are endorsing. With a good-looking and full of useful knowledge infographic, you put yourself and your brand at a reliable position.

Simplifies Complex Concepts: As said earlier, it is way easier to understand things through visuals than reading out long texts. Infographics are not only visuals but visuals with information. These are curated in a way that the audience understands more by seeing less. The creators, through the infographics, always try to break down the complex concepts into simpler bits of information, such that the audience does not have to put extra effort to understand anything. There is a creative way to create these infographics, so that it covers almost everything about a topic, using icons, graphs, little text, and other visuals, making every complex idea the simplest.

Portable and Embeddable: Infographics are the lightweight files that are portable as well as embeddable. This is a plus point when it comes to sharing knowledge with people through infographics, as you do not have to worry about the data usage or storage for sharing them. Also mostly, these are shared on online platforms, like on the blogs and various document sharing website. So, various websites allow you to copy an embeddable link of your uploaded infographics, such that you can easily share it on any social media platform or embed it to your website or blog as well.

Best for SEO, Generating Traffic and for Brand Awareness: Since infographics are more understandable, embeddable, and sharable, the audience is more likely to share it with people they know, and the ones who need to know about your brand. This way, with the help of Google’s Page Rank algorithm, the websites including the infographic, get ranked higher in the SERPs. Thus, the better SEO, and a creative-informative infographic, then leads to attracting more traffic to the website, and help you to spread awareness about your brand among people.

Easy to Track With Analytics: Analytics has been really helpful for tracking the traffic and user engagement for a website as well as any content shared online. For infographics too, analytics work perfectly. If you have used an embeddable link to share your infographics online, you can also include an analytics code in the very link, such that you can track the user engagement by measuring the clicks, views and shares for the infographic. With the tracking code, you can also track how long a user had been on the infographic. Thus, you can easily read the audience behaviour and analyse what you should present to them next time.

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